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Can Color Make You Feel?

Fifty shades of emotion

Almost everyone has a favorite color, but what draws us to it? Is it the pure aesthetic of a color that we enjoy, or how it makes us feel?

It’s hard to say why, but as humans, we all share similar emotional reactions to colors. Although we’ve all had different experiences that make us associate colors with different memories, people tend to react to colors in pretty predictable ways.

In living color

The whole spectrum of colors can be split into two main categories: warm and cool. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow tend to have an energizing effect, while cool colors like blue, green and purple can be calming and soothing. But colors are so much more than just warm or cool: each one has its own unique personality and can affect your mood in a different way. Here are some of most popular colors you’ll find in our products:

Pink: There’s a reason for the expression rose-colored glasses: pink’s usually seen as a reassuring, optimistic color. Although certain shades of pink like fuchsia can be punchy and eye-catching, its softer shades are sweet and innocent, and can have a soothing effect on people. And while pink might have history as a stereotypically feminine color, the light, blushy millennial pink (or Tumblr pink) has been all over the fashion world for the past few years. Pink is for everybody!

Orange: With the same name as the juicy fruit, orange has a fresh energy. It’s not quite as aggressive as red, but it’s still a bold color that can stir up feelings of confidence, independence and adventure. Orange has an extroverted character that radiates warmth and happiness, and it can inspire us to be more social. Because of this, restaurants and cafés often use shades of orange in their décor to encourage conversation, and this bright color can stimulate your appetite, too.

Purple: Often associated with royalty and luxury, purple has always drawn people in with its regal appeal. A gorgeous hue that combines blue’s cool calm with red’s fiery intensity, purple has also been tied to mysticism and magic: it’s said that a purple aura means that a person is in touch with their intuition and spirituality. And Pantone, the global color authority, has named a shade of purple called ultra violet the color of 2018, so look out for this enchanting hue this year.

You've Been Mangoed Bath Oil in the tub

You've Been Mangoed Bath Oil in the tub

Green: Seeing the color of cash can make us think about abundance and material wealth, as well as jealousy because of the phrase “green with envy”. But more often than not, like a walk in the woods, green somehow manages to relax and energize us at the same time. It’s the color of nature, so it can help to ground city-dwellers who don’t often get a chance to escape to the wild outdoors, giving them a rejuvenating sense of well-being.

Blue: One of the most popular colors, blue has inspired myriad musicians, from Joni Mitchell to Eiffel 65. This timeless, tranquil color has a calming effect on us, maybe because it reminds us of clear, sunshiny skies and carefree summer days. Blue is a popular choice when it comes to brand logos because it has an air of responsibility and expertise that makes customers feel secure and taken care of.

Color your world

If you don’t want to undertake a project like painting your walls, there are small ways you can incorporate some of these ideas about color into your everyday life. Taking a bath in colorful water scented with essential oils selected to evoke a specific feeling can help you transform your mood. No time for a bath? Something as simple as throwing on a brightly colored t-shirt when you’re feeling droopy can turn your day around (especially when paired with an espresso). If you’re always on your phone—no judgement, we’re guilty of it, too—changing your background picture can have an impact on your mood.

Chromatic cosmetics

When our inventors are in the lab developing a new product, they carefully consider all aspects of their creation. They puzzle over what to call it, what ingredients will have the best effect on your skin and hair, and what essential oils will combine to create the perfect perfume. And of course, they blend food and cosmetic-grade colors to make sure that the product’s look complements its effects to give you an immersive experience, especially when it comes to our inventions for the bath.

Even if you’re not thinking about the colors around you, you can be sure that they’re influencing you and your mood. Let us know what your favorite color is and why in the comments below!