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Charitable Giving at Lush

Giving back is at the heart of our business

As advocates for justice for all, we’re passionate about giving back both locally and internationally. We support small, grassroots organizations through Charity Pot. We campaign through our shops and digital platforms on issues that matter, we uplift the voices of partner organizations to encourage customer and employee engagement and donate product to organizations on the frontlines.

A simple idea

In 2007, we created Charity Pot Body Lotion. The idea was simple: create a self-preserving, floral-scented, and vegan lotion made from organic, sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients (harvested by communities and co-ops around the world). If that wasn’t enough, we wanted 100 percent of the purchase price (minus the taxes) to be allocated to grants supporting human rights, animal protection, and environmental justice. Since its launch, purchases of Charity Pot have allocated more than $53 million towards 2,900 small grassroots projects in over 80 countries. By purchasing Charity Pot, you’re directly advancing the work of groups fighting tirelessly for positive change on issues that matter.

The Sapara Women's Association of Ecuador Ashiniawka defends the Sapara cultural and territorial heritage through the strengthening of women's rights.

9 women stare into the camera, 2 of which are holding young children, 7 of them raise their fists triumphantly.” height=

Amplifying issues

From time to time, we use our shops and online presence to advocate for issues that we’re passionate about. Campaigning alongside leading organizations, we provide a platform for more change—reaching out to every customer that comes through our doors. We campaign on issues that are closely linked to our business, like fighting animal testing, going palm oil-free, and banning microbeads. We also tackle topics that are unrelated to Lush but are causes we feel strongly about, such as marriage equality, ending the fur trade, and freedom of movement. Like the Charity Pot program, our campaigns focus our efforts on human rights, animal protection, and environmental justice-related issues.

Engaging Lushies and team members

We believe in mutual aid and go beyond donations to support our partner organizations by building awareness of their work and inviting customers and staff to engage with them in our shops. We also use our other media to connect groups with our customers on issues and encourage people to take action.

Furthermore, we engage our staff through volunteering opportunities with local groups and partners, so they get a chance to experience the phenomenal work they do first-hand. We also encourage staff to play a role in contributing to the organization’s efforts and build relationships within their communities.

Our 2018 trans rights campaign partnered with the National Center for Transgender Equality.

A purple point of sale sign stands beside a displace of naked products. The sign reads: Trans folks often face discrimination, affecting key areas: safety, employment and housing. Trans rights are human rights.

More to give

We donate fresh handmade products to our Charity Pot partners, registered and non-registered charities, non-profits, and community organizations. These donations go towards direct use, volunteer appreciation, event attendees and speakers, public outreach, and fundraising activities.

All because of you

Thank you to our dedicated staff and loyal customers for making Lush Charitable Giving what it is today. We proudly commit to always standing alongside communities to defend human rights, protect animals, and fight for environmental justice.

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