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Cooling Lush Hacks

Fan faves from the fridge

As temperatures reach record highs, cool relief is as close as your fridge.

Whether you’re suffering from a sunburn or just can’t seem to escape the heat, we got you. A few of your refreshing Lush faves can become even more refreshing with a little help from your fridge. So, pop ‘em in the fridge, wait a couple of hours and you’ll be armed and ready for anything summer is gonna throw at ya!

Shower jellies

A few hours in the fridge or freezer will turn Twilight or Whoosh into instant refreshers. Cut them up first or refrigerate them whole, and when you’re ready to shower, take them out for the coolest shower on the planet. And they won’t just keep you cool; they’re rich in carrageenan, which gives them that wobbly jiggle, but also makes them excellent at hydrating—perfect for sunburned skin. Cold water showers: totally optional.

Fresh face masks

Ok, full disclosure: your fresh face masks HAVE to be kept in the fridge, because they’re made with fresh ingredients (and when they’re fresh, they’re the most effective). But, that just means that these masks are naturally cooling. Especially BB Seaweed, which has a healthy dose of organic aloe vera so even the most sensitive skin can find relief.

Toner waters

Gentle enough for everyone and totally alcohol-free, toner waters are also a Lush treat that helps you beat the heat. However, a quick mist straight outta the fridge will make them twice as refreshing and a permanent staple in your kitchen. Heading to the beach? Pop a toner water in your cooler to feel refreshed all day. If you love using our toner and steamer tabs, here’s a pro tip: after steaming, bottle up the water for up to a week, stick it in the fridge and spray or splash as needed!

Foot lotion

Did you know that mint contains a chemical called menthol? It triggers the cold receptors on your skin, so even though mint isn’t really cool to the touch, it makes you feel cool—and that’s a bonus in the peppermint-packed Pink Peppermint. Keep it in the fridge and this pretty pink wonder will keep your skin soft, cool and very happy!