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Cleansing with Muds and Clays

Naturally effective

Cleansing skin with clays is nothing new—in fact, it dates back to ancient times, and for good reason! Full of beneficial minerals, these natural wonders absorb excess oils and gently cleanse the skin to leave it smooth, taut and velvety soft.

Rhassoul mud

There’s just one natural deposit of rhassoul in the world, and it’s in a remote desert region of Morocco near the Atlas Mountains. Here, the red-brown clay is manually extracted, washed and sun-dried before being sent off to buyers around the world. Moroccan women have been using rhassoul mud to cleanse their hair and skin for centuries, and today it’s used in spa treatments and skincare products for its renowned ability to draw impurities from the skin.

When used on the skin, rhassoul mud deeply cleanses, removes excess oil and leaves skin looking toned and matte and feeling firm and clean. It’s no surprise then, that we’d include it in our deep-cleansing Cupcake Fresh Face Mask! Rhassoul mud is the first ingredient in this chocolatey treat for the skin, and it’s blended with cleansing mint and softening vanilla, making it perfect for when you want your skin to look matte and clear.

For a refreshing deep-cleansing scrub, we’ve created Dark Angels Face And Body Scrub. A blend of rhassoul mud, powdered charcoal and black sugar exfoliates away dull skin and absorbs excess oil, while avocado oil smooths and softens. Use it all over for touchably smooth and radiant skin.

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

Kaolin clay

Kaolin is a soft, naturally occurring clay that cleanses, absorbs oil and gently exfoliates dry cells from the skin’s surface. It’s a fantastic alternative to soap when it comes to cleansing the skin—while it doesn’t foam up, its ability to draw out impurities and remove dirt and grime make it both effective and gentle.

Our best-selling Angels On Bare Skin Face And Body Cleanser is made of a heavenly blend of kaolin, ground almonds and lavender, rose and chamomile oils. Its gently exfoliating touch and balancing effects make it an ideal everyday cleanser that leaves skin feeling truly angelic.

The kaolin clay in Mask Of Magnaminty and Cup O’ Coffee face and body masks is responsible for their clarifying effects. Combined with other exfoliating and stimulating ingredients like peppermint oil and ground coffee, these masks are huge fan favorites for soft, clean skin that feels firm and refreshed.

We even have a kaolin-based mask to cleanse and soften feet! Volcano’s blend of kaolin, scrubby pumice and fresh papaya leaves your soles refreshed and ready for sandals.

Because kaolin is so absorbent, we’ve put its powers to use in our deodorant and dusting powders too. T For Toes is our super deodorizing foot powder for hardworking feet. Kaolin keeps feet dry and sweat-free, while lime and tea tree oils keep offensive odors at bay. Silky Underwear, our sensual dusting powder, keeps skin feeling silky smooth with a gorgeous combination of kaolin and tiny bits of fair trade cocoa butter.