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In 76 countries, it's a crime to be gay.

That means that for millions, expressing their love could cost them their freedom—or worse. Friendship and acceptance are often the only lifelines available to those who currently live in fear and hiding because of anti-gay laws in their countries.

The Campaign

To help reach out to LGBTQ2+ people around the globe in July 2015 and show our support, we partnered with the international Lush family and All Out, a grassroots organization fighting to help everyone love freely. Together, we asked customers all over the world to take part in the biggest conversation ever to be held on social media using #GayIsOk.

We also invented the sparkling and beautiful Love Soap with the entire cost of each bar purchased going to the Love Fund. A panel of All Out representatives, Lush staff and independent LGBTQ2+ activists chose which LGBTQ2+ organizations would receive Love Fund grants to continue their work fighting for rights, equality and acceptance around the world.

The Outcome

Unfortunately, our Love Soap couldn’t be sold in 80 shops around the world because of anti-gay laws in these countries. Despite that, however, thousands joined the cause and lathered up with 107,479 sparkling gold bars! The sales raised £275,955 (nearly $400,000 USD) for the Love Fund, which will continue to support grassroots groups.

On social media, selfies and words of love and support had a social reach of 30 million, but when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on marriage equality (just 24 hours after the launch of our campaign), that number swelled to include an additional 40 million!