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Ethical Campaign: Naked!

Raising awareness about excess packaging

Disposable packaging from our food, cosmetics and most everything else we buy generates an enormous amount of waste.

In just one year, a single person uses up to 200 pounds of plastic, 60 pounds of which are immediately thrown away. The overuse of packaging is a huge problem: it takes a lot of energy, water and natural resources to produce packaging, and when we simply throw it away, it pollutes our environment, puts wildlife at risk and piles up in landfills where it can take centuries to decompose.

The Campaign

In 2007 and 2008 we got naked in our shops to spread awareness about excess packaging. Silly? Maybe. But if our bits helped do our bit for the environment, it was worth it. As a business, we strive to eliminate packaging wherever possible and educate our customers to do the same. We want to encourage other retailers and manufacturers to eliminate unnecessary packaging, and for consumers to do their part by buying naked, unpackaged products.

The Outcome

Thanks to our cheeky nude stunts, we raised awareness about excess packaging through international media coverage and good old fashioned shock value. We hope to have inspired people to consider purchasing unpackaged or sustainably packaged products whenever possible.

We work hard to create innovative products that we sell completely naked: solid shampoo bars, conditioners, bubble baths and massage bars, which save millions of plastic bottles from being produced, transported and disposed of every year.

For products that do require packaging, we use 100 percent recycled bottles and pots, and recyclable, compostable or reusable packages.