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100 million sharks are killed each year, most often for their fins: an essential ingredient for shark fin soup.

In the past 30 years, 90% of the world’s shark population has been decimated in order to meet the global market’s demand for shark fins.

Sharks are considered an apex predator; they’re at the top of the ocean’s food chain. Apex predators are responsible for keeping their ecosystems in balance, so this unnatural disruption of their population could have potentially devastating effects for the future of our oceans.

The Campaign

In August of 2014, we partnered with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and Fin Free, creating a global campaign that allowed citizens to take a stand for sharks in their own communities. A 30-second commercial promoting shark conservation produced in partnership with Discovery and Fin Free aired during Shark Week, the network’s highest rated week of the year. We also created a limited edition Shark Fin Soap with 100% of the purchase price donated Fin Free.

The 2014 campaign was so successful that we did it again in 2015! We partnered with the Discovery Channel and United Conservationists—a group dedicated to uniting citizens to save the planet. We again sold our fan-favorite Shark Fin Soap to benefit the work that the United Conservationists do to help save sharks.

The Outcome

Through the sale of our Shark Fin Soap in 2014 we raised over $100,000 for Fin Free, and reached an audience of 29 million viewers with our conservation commercial on Discovery.

The 2015 campaign raised $250,000 for United Conservationists through the sales of Shark Fin Soap and collected thousands of signatures for a petition to ban the shark fin trade in North America.