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Why Exfoliating is Important

We break down how you can get smoother skin.

Did you know that your skin loses roughly one million dead cells every day? It’s constantly shedding old cells and rebuilding new ones.

Skin cells are so tiny that this daily turnover isn’t actually visible to the naked eye, but when your skin doesn't get much exfoliation, dead skin cells can combine with the skin's own natural oils and block pores. This can lead to blackheads, breakouts and congested skin—none of which are enjoyable!

Another reason to exfoliate? The ever-dreaded in-grown hair. An in-grown hair is formed when hair can’t grow through a pore due to dry skin cells blocking the surface of the skin. Imagine a flower trying to grow through a layer of cement on the sidewalk—unable to push through, it would get stuck. By exfoliating, you remove those dead skin cells that might otherwise block pores and cause in-grown hairs.

Exfoliate naturally

You’ll never find plastic microbeads in our products, as we only use natural exfoliators that are biodegradable. This is better for the environment—because plastic that's washed down the drain introduces toxic chemicals to aquatic ecosystems—and these natural exfoliators feel amazing on the skin, too. No matter whether you’re after a gentle body scrub or an intense sloughing, we’ve got an exfoliating product for you.

For a mega-moisturizing scrub, and if you’re a fan of our honey-scented creations, you’ve got to try Scrubee: this industrious little bee has stripes of ground coconut shell to whip your skin into shape.

Moisturizing and exfoliating, Scrubee is bee-autiful on skin.

A person scrubs Scrubee onto their body.

Almonds are fabulous exfoliating ingredients because ground almonds and ground almond shells have different textures for different scrubbing experiences. Take one of our face and body cleansers, Angels on Bare Skin, for example. It’s packed full of ground almonds which offer a creamy scrub that’s gentle enough for all skin types. The ground almond shells in Brazened Honey provide a more vigorous scrub to leave skin polished and smooth. In Buffy, you can find ground rice and aduki beans along with ground almonds to slough off dry skin all over your body.

Salt and sugar are two more ingredients that we love, because salt and sugar-based scrubs can be adjusted to suit your needs. For a gentler scrub, add a bit of water to products to dissolve larger salt and sugar crystals, and for a more thorough exfoliation, use them as-is. The mineral-rich sea salt in Ocean Salt and Rub Rub Rub not only exfoliates, but also re-mineralizes and brightens the skin. Sugar is used in our lip scrubs for unbelievably soft lips.

Exfoliation is a lovely way to keep the skin healthy and functioning naturally, and it feels fantastic, too. When deciding on the texture of an exfoliant and how often you should scrub, we recommend that you listen to your skin and base your decisions on your personal preferences.

Need more help? Buff up on your exfoliation knowledge with our Customer Care team and shop shower products!