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Your First 90 Days at Lush

Brace yourself!

It’s a universal truth: starting a new job is overwhelming. And while we can’t promise to eliminate all the craziness, (you’ll still need to remember dozens of names and create a whole lot of obscure new passwords) we can promise that you’ll have more fun in those couple of months with us than you thought possible.

In your first 90 days at Lush, you’ll…

1. Work outside your zone

Whether you’re starting a job in head office, retail or manufacturing, you’ll get the chance to experience other areas of the business in your first 90 days. New staff members in our Vancouver and Toronto offices spend some time in manufacturing learning how all our fresh handmade products are made. In retail and manufacturing, you’ll likely get the chance to participate in a charity event, volunteer experience or party in your first 90 days. These experiences help you make strong connections throughout the business and learn how our departments work together.

2. Try more Lush products than ever before

Regardless of where you start your Lush career, you’ll be showered with bathing and body products aplenty. Your tub will be filled with fizzy, fragrant delights and your skincare routine will be forever changed. Plus, you’ll need to get used to hearing “it smells SO good in here!” whenever your friends or family come over.

Staff at a Lush sustainability event

Staff at a Lush sustainability event

3. Experience our passion for charitable giving

In your first 90 days, you’ll definitely feel the contagious passion for charitable giving from your new colleagues. Through the sale of our Charity Pot Hand And Body Lotion we’ve donated $15 million to grassroots charities, and we couldn’t have done it without our dedicated staff. Everyone is invested in some way, from the retail staff that sell the lotion to the production teams that produce it, we all contribute to a shared vision of helping as many inspirational organizations as possible.

4. Be challenged to go green

Each quarter our sustainability team challenges us to go green in an innovative new way. The topics include commuting alternatives, reducing waste and saving water; and you’ll get the necessary tools and encouragement to challenge yourself and your colleagues in a little friendly competition.

5. Make your modelling debut

We strive to use employees as models in many of our photos and videos whenever possible. So if you’re close to our Vancouver headquarters or Toronto satellite office, there’s a strong chance you’ll be asked to get in front of the camera in your first 90 days. Start practicing in the bathroom mirror now!


When you start your career with us, you’re embarking on a wild and rewarding ride, and your first 90 days are no exception. Interested in joining us? Check out our current opportunities and follow Lush Careers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest updates.