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Banner - Freshen Up for Spring

Freshen Up for Spring

So fresh and so clean

Put away the humidifier, pack up your winter coats and crack the window open: spring is coming!

Now’s a great time to take a look at our beauty routines, because a change in seasons always means changes for our skin and hair. Here are our top tips for springing into the new season as fresh as a daisy.

Shed your winter skin

When winter wraps up, most of us have drier, duller skin than we’d like (even despite our best efforts to stay moisturized). Hit reset for spring by sloughing away dry winter skin: any of our body scrubs will do, but Ocean Salt is a bestseller for a reason. Also available in a self-preserving version, our fan-favorite scrub is full of sea salt that’ll buff away dullness and dryness to reveal soft, glowing skin. With brightening limes and grapefruits plus moisturizing coconut oil and avocado butter, this Lush classic never leaves your skin feeling tight or dry, just toned and fresh. Follow up with a dollop of your favorite body lotion for a silky finish and supple, healthy skin.

Ocean Salt in use

Ocean Salt in use

Serving springtime face

If a toner isn’t already part of your skincare routine, what are you waiting for? Spritzing your face with toner after cleansing preps your skin for moisturizer and boosts hydration. Tea Tree Water is our go-to for spring, with a cleansing and refreshing blend of tea tree, grapefruit and juniper berry to brighten up your complexion and keep it matte. Keep it on hand for a refreshing mid-day misting!

A rich face cream is a must-have over the winter, but it might start to feel a bit heavy as the weather warms up. Switch things up with one of our light and lovely moisturizers, like Enzymion! Formulated with fresh, enzyme-rich fruit like papayas and lemons to keep skin bright and shine-free, this lightweight wonder also has soothing aloe vera gel and nutritious avocado oil to moisturize without a greasy feeling.

The mane attraction

Now that we’re not being blasted with drying central heating and bone-chilling winds, our hair doesn’t need the same rich nourishment that it might have needed over the winter. For luscious, billowing locks, Big is your best bet: this popular shampoo is formulated with loads of sea salt to cleanse your hair and scalp for massive volume, and a seaweed infusion works alongside extra virgin coconut oil to leave hair soft and nourished. Add shine-enhancing citrus juices and a fresh, light vanilla-neroli perfume, and you’ve got a perfect shampoo for a gorgeous, voluminous head of hair.

To soften hair without weighing it down, follow up with Veganese, our lemony lightweight conditioner. Seaweed gel, lemon juice and lemon oil easily detangle hair and leave it with a glossy shine. And after you hop out of the shower, spritz your hair with the sea water-infused Sea Spray for serious body and texture.

Tick, tick, bloom

If you’ve been wearing the same perfume for a few months, switch things up. New season, new scent: the sweet aroma of flowers is undeniably lovely this time of year. Amelie Mae is a candied floral with an air of innocence: it blends delicate ylang ylang and rose with the sweet scent of raspberries to transport you to a surreal perfumed garden in full bloom.

For something greener and less sugary, check out Kerbside Violet, available online and in select shops only. Inspired by tiny blooms that blossom in the cracks of the urban jungle, this delicate ode to sweet violet is colored with grassy violet leaf and grounding rosewood. Layer it with our anti-static hair detangler Sunny Day to be a double violet delight.