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How to Winter-proof Your Hair

Defrost your follicles

It’s that time of year again. The temperature drops, humidity dips and suddenly your well-honed haircare routine is leaving you feeling dry, frizzy and flat.

While you know to bundle up in layers, use a richer moisturizer and exfoliate regularly to keep your skin warm, happy and healthy, you might be at a loss for how to show your hair the same love. But never fear—we’re here to help you tackle the most troubling winter hair issues so you can return to your smooth and shiny glory once more.

Let’s get down to frizzness

When the temperature drops, so too does the humidity, and your skin loses water faster than usual. This can render it dry, tight and even flaky. Naturally, your hair doesn’t take kindly to the change either. Cold and dry air can cause the cuticle of the strand to rise, making it more difficult to lock in much-needed moisture.

Another tricky test during the winter season is presented by the wind—exposure to high winds can leave hair tangled, and more frequent brushing can cause breakage and split ends. And if that’s not enough to contend with, escaping the elements by retiring indoors rarely helps with the hot, dry air from heating systems drying it out even more.

Recommended course of hairapy

So, when it comes to protecting your luscious locks, we’ve got you covered. Our nutrient-rich hot oil hair treatments restore both scalp and mane to their beautiful best, working on both the hair strands and scalp in one fell swoop. Spicy and stimulating New contains a refreshing mix of rosemary and peppermint, and nursing Hair Doctor is packed with calming chamomile blue oil and softening extra virgin coconut oil. Simply follow the instructions on the stick and 20 minutes later your hair will be replenished and resplendent.

For daily use, our hydrating shampoos and conditioners make for great ammunition during the frosty winter months. Stock up on Godiva and shampoo moisture back into wind-bashed hair, or choose Karma Komba to perfume and detangle temperamental tresses. When conditioning, Happy Happy Joy Joy is perfect for all hair types, and Retread delivers shine and bounce to exhausted locks.

Free yourself from frizzy winter flyaways with Sunny Day.

A woman spritzing her curly hair with Sunny Day Anti-Static Hair Detangler

The finishing touches

When it comes to color, an added boost of moisturizing cocoa butter offers a less drying alternative to traditional dye. Our henna hair dyes come in shades ranging from radiant Rouge to deep Noir, and let you switch up your style without adding further stress to your tresses.

And finally, even your styling products should go the extra moisturizing mile during this dry spell. Hydrating pomades like Hair Custard keep curls soft and lightly defined without the drying crunch of traditional gel, while a de-frizzer like Sunny Day can restore sleekness to flyaway manes.