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Banner - Gifts That Give Back: Quebec Fauna Foundation

Gifts That Give Back: Quebec Fauna Foundation

Canada’s only chimpanzee sanctuary

Shopping for gifts can be hard, whatever the occasion! Whether you’re looking for a special something for a friend, partner or even a pet, finding the perfect gift that also gives back is an incredible feeling. You get to warm the heart of the person who receives it while making a real difference in the world at the same time—what could be better?

We know that finding gifts that give back isn’t always easy, so we’re featuring Lush Charity Pot partners that sell fab gifts to support their organizations.

Meet The Quebec Fauna Foundation

This organization is a sanctuary that creates a protected environment for neglected or abused farm and domestic animals and former medical research chimpanzees. Through education, they aim to foster a better understanding of all animals while exploring our ethical responsibility as humans for the well-being of all earth’s creatures.

Resident animals at the sanctuary come from the research, agriculture and zoo industries. The sanctuary provides permanent protection for these animals from the use and abuse they’ve endured. In their past lives, they were considered objects of ownership, sources of food or entertainment or tools for education and research. In the care of The Quebec Fauna Foundation, the animals are protected from this exploitation. They’re provided with food, shelter, medical attention, companionship and the enrichment they need to lead happy and healthy lives, free from fear and hardships.

The foundation’s surrounding property has areas designated as a Natural Reserve by the Quebec government. Not only does this provide sanctuary residents with a protected habitat where they can thrive, it also increases local bird and other wildlife populations.

Gifts that Give Back

Fauna offers some adorable merchandise that helps them continue their important work. By purchasing items like wall calendars, cookbooks, notebooks or t-shirts, you’re helping to keep the sanctuary animals safe and happy.

You can also choose Fauna’s Adopt-a-Chimp program, and give someone special an adoption package that explains how their gift will play an important role in their adopted chimp’s ongoing recovery. Captive chimpanzees can become quickly bored or restless if their environment doesn’t change. To keep them mentally stimulated, Fauna regularly expands and changes their enclosures and provides them with enriching activities. Proceeds from the Adopt-a-Chimp program directly benefit this important work.

To learn more about the Quebec Fauna Foundation, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.