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Give Back Today and Every Day

5 easy ways to give back

Giving back doesn’t have to be about giving money.

In fact, just doing something nice for someone who needs it can be a great way to help others without ever reaching for your wallet. It’s up to us to make the world a kinder place, and when we give our time, love and support to others, it makes a world of difference.

1. Donate your time

Most of us think of “donations” as giving money to charities, but your time is just as valuable. Food banks, shelters and other places in your community or even your neighbors could always use a helping hand. Even an hour can make the difference for an organization or a friend who needs it most.

2. Donate your gently-loved goods

Giving your clothing or household items to a local shelter is a great way to give back. But, before you decide to drop off your items, give them a call and ask what they might need. Many requested items are things like unopened personal care products, children’s toys or books—usually things we don’t immediately think of.

Get in touch with your local shelter to give a little love to a few furry friends.

A beagle smiles for the camera. It’s adorable.

3. Help out cats and dogs

Used blankets, towels, toys or even your time are always welcome at your local animal shelter. Most animals who end up there are scared in their new environment and offering a little bit of comfort and love will make you both feel good.

4. Organize a food drive

Food banks in our communities need all the help we can offer. Chat with one in your community about what sorts of items are needed most and then organize a food drive with your friends and family. Let them know what’s needed and offer to pick up and deliver the goods.

5. Give money

If you’d rather use your purchasing power to help others, plenty of organizations could use a helping hand. Lots of places see a rise in donations during the holidays and while that’s great, setting up a recurring donation throughout the year will benefit others even more.

How do you give back to your community? Let us know in the comments!