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We're the Haircare Bunch

Get your hair back to its natural best

Whether your hair is flat, frizzy, dry or damaged, we know how to get it back to its best. That’s because Mark Constantine, Lush co-founder, is a qualified trichologist who has spent years developing innovative haircare products designed to keep your hair in peak condition.

A trichologist is, essentially, a hair doctor. During their training, trichologists study the structure, function and diseases of human hair, and learn how to treat a range of conditions including hair loss, scalp conditions and problems related to over-exposure to chemicals, such as hair dye or heated styling tools. So if you’re worried that your hair looks thin and flat, is suffering the consequences of a harsh dye job or an addiction to hair straighteners, we have products that can help.

Mark started out by formulating his own herbal hair products for local salons before setting up the Herbal Hair Clinic in Poole in the late 1970s. The products, which were all made by Mark, his business partner Liz Weir and his wife Mo Constantine, were so innovative that they were soon supplying named brands like The Body Shop and John Frieda.

It’s this commitment to innovation that makes Lush hair products so special. You won’t find anything quite like them anywhere else.

Shampoo bars and solid conditioners

Solid shampoo bars were one of the most revolutionary inventions of Cosmetics to Go, the company that came before Lush. Although they were actually invented by mistake — intended as a soap, but the lather was more akin to shampoo — the shampoo bar offered a new and convenient way to wash your hair without the need for synthetic preservatives or plastic bottles. Perfect for travelling, just stroke through wet hair to build up the perfect amount of lather. There are different formulations to suit all hair types, including New for fine hair, Soak and Float for dry and itchy scalps, and Trichomania solid shampoo to nourish and soften dry hair. There are also solid conditioners: Big helps to boost volume, and Jungle increases softness and shine.

Jess washes up with Brazilliant

Jess washes up with Brazilliant

The Hair Doctor treatment

If you’re having a hair emergency, Hair Doctor can help to resuscitate even the most dry and damaged hair. Unlike other hair treatments that you may have used in the past, Hair Doctor is a fresh hair mask, which means that it needs to be stored in the fridge. This adds to the tingly, cooling feeling when the mask is applied to your scalp — and helps to quickly soothe itching and irritation. It contains Irish moss along with extra virgin coconut oil and almond oil, to treat damaged hair and promote new growth. A weekly treatment will work wonders on ailing hair.

We have a whole range of other hair treatments, pop into your local Lush shop and ask a member of staff to help you figure out which one's best for you.

Big and Curly Wurly shampoos

You know those shampoos that leave your hair smelling of coconut, or looking as if you’ve just spent a day at the beach? Well Big and Curly Wurly are Lush’s take on the trend. Big is packed full of so much sea salt that it’s listed as the first ingredient — as a result, there’s no need to add any synthetic preservatives because the salt makes it entirely self-preserving. It’s the ultimate sea salt shampoo, and it adds unbeatable volume to hair that’s in need of a lift. Curly Wurly is packed with desiccated coconut and extra virgin coconut oil, to keep curls super-springy. The tropical fragrance comes from fresh coconut, and will make you think of sunshine holidays every time you wash your hair.