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Haircare Myths

Don’t believe everything you hear about hair!

Myths aren’t limited to urban legends; these 5 hair myths have been making sneaky appearances for years! We’re here to clear things up once and for all.

Myth #1: More shampoo equals cleaner hair

Don’t get yourself into an unnecessary lather! The secret to clean, healthy hair doesn’t depend on the amount of shampoo you use. In fact, a small quarter-sized squeeze of liquid shampoo is typically plenty to thoroughly cleanse shoulder-length hair.

As with most things, quality over quantity is a great mantra when it comes to shampoo. When a shampoo contains high-quality ingredients, you won’t need to use quite so much to get the job done. Our shampoo bars are a great example of this: the small bars last up to 80 washes because they’re packed full of fantastic, effective cleansing ingredients.

Myth #2: You must shampoo every day

If you’re a sucker for that freshly-shampooed feeling like we are, we’ve got some bad news: shampooing too often can actually harm your hair. Frequent washing strips the hair and scalp of its natural oils, so hair can become dry and damaged over time. Alternatively, the scalp may overcompensate and produce excess amounts of sebum, leading to hair that looks and feels oily regardless of how often it’s washed. Try cutting back on the frequency of your hair washing; it can take a few weeks for your scalp to adjust, but we promise the benefits will be worth the bother. Between washes, try our No Drought Dry Shampoo to keep your locks feeling fresh and looking their best.

Myth #3: You must change shampoos frequently

While your mane may have its own quirky personality, hair does not get bored and demand change just for the sake of it. The buildup of residue from conditioners and styling products can cause hair to become droopy and dull over time, which may give the impression that your hair has become tired of your current routine. This can often be remedied by using a clarifying shampoo like I Love Juicy, Big or Rehab every once in a while to liven things up.

Of course if you can avoid products that cause a buildup on hair, all the better! A big offender for causing droopy, lifeless hair over time are certain types of silicones: they give hair a silky feeling when applied but can be difficult to wash out. It’s for this reason that none of our conditioners contain silicones, relying instead on natural oils and butters to condition and soften the hair.

Myth #4: Oily hair doesn’t need conditioner

No matter how oily your scalp is, a conditioner is necessary to replace lost moisture—especially if you use a clarifying shampoo. To prevent conditioner from adding to an oily scalp, apply it starting at the ends of the hair and work up to just below the ears, avoiding contact with the scalp altogether.

Rinse-out conditioners applied to your hair right after washing leave moisturizing proteins and other nourishing ingredients on the hair shaft so it feels softer, looks shinier, has better condition and resists damage from styling or combing. Don’t skip out on this step!

Myth #5: Conditioner repairs split ends

While conditioner can work wonders on improving the texture, manageability and appearance of your hair, its superpowers stop short of actually being able to repair split ends. The truth is, only a haircut can truly get rid of split ends. If you’re between cuts and bemoaning your fuzzy ends, try Revive Hair Moisturizer: we created it especially to nourish hair with rich oils and butters to leave them looking shiny, feeling soft, and to prevent further damage.