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Looking for an ethical waste-free alternative to traditional wrapping paper?

Knot-wraps are a great way to bundle up your gifts. But where do we source them from?

Meet re-wrap, a self-funded social enterprise that employs about 150 women in India to handcraft artisan textiles. They create some of our knot-wraps, our Fighting Animal Testing Bag and the beautiful black aprons our shop staff proudly wear. 

Our knot-wraps and reusable totes are fabulous long-lasting alternatives to traditional gift wrap and single-use shopping bags. Based on the traditional Japanese art of wrapping gifts in fabric (called “furoshiki”), they can be reused dozens of ways even after you’ve given a gift, and our tote bags will last for years—carry one with you to eliminate the need for single-use shopping bags! 

“It’s not just our ingredients that have a great story. It’s also our packaging: the beautiful knot-wraps and tote bags, as well as the relationships we build with our suppliers. A lot goes into each of these things and re-wrap is one of the best examples of all we stand for.” –Karen Moll, Lush Packaging Buyer

Growing up in India, Janjri Trivedi worked as part of her family’s business of recycled, handmade furnishings. At a young age, she was inspired by the fine art of reusing and, in many cases, reinventing with recycled materials. So when a massive earthquake hit the Kutch region of India, Janjri wanted to give something back to the craftspeople of the community. She was inspired by their continued work despite the devastating conditions they found themselves in. It’s here that re-wrap was born.

Kutch was one of the worst areas affected by the earthquake, leaving nearly a million of its citizens homeless. By encouraging the disadvantaged women in the community to combine their traditional skills with modern design, re-wrap began to create knot wraps, bags and accessories—made from ethically sourced natural and organic cotton.

Fabric waiting to be made into knot-wraps

Fabric waiting to be made into knot-wraps

Employing nearly 80 local women, many of whom are the sole income earners for their families, this self-funded enterprise equips its underprivileged employees with sewing skills, allowing them to earn a living wage that helps to feed their families and send children to school. Word of mouth is how many of the women find re-wrap, where they’re taught all the skills they need to be successful here. Everyone receives a pension and family insurance policy, and lunch and snacks including fresh fruit from a local garden are provided free each day.

Janjri’s dedication to building a sustainable organization that makes a difference continues to grow and employ local women every day. The newest location—located just an hour away from the Mysore site—opened in 2014 with just 20 members who have also been trained to handcraft reusable and recyclable cottons bags, fabric gift-wrap and kitchen accessories. Both groups strive to give their members the independence and skills they need to feel confident.

“re-wrap aligns with everything we try to do at Lush,” says Karen. “They’re committed to creating a sustainable alternative to plastic bags and wrapping paper, and everything there is done by hand by women who are paid fairly and take pride in their work. It’s empowering to just be among them.”

Browse all our knot-wrap designs and chose a few faves to keep on hand for your next gift!