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Skincare for Your Scalp

Great hair starts with a healthy scalp

Just like with face and body, your scalp has skincare needs, too.

That’s why our haircare range is formulated to treat your whole head and we help you tackle everything from dryness and dandruff to oily scalps and lackluster tresses.

Tip one: Scrub up

If your scalp is feeling a little congested, exfoliation can help buff away the roughness and leave you with softer, smoother skin. A simple way to remove dry or flaky skin? Gently massage your scalp as you shampoo. Not only does it feel amazing, it’ll give your hair a good deep cleanse, removing residue from your hair products that’s built up on your hair and scalp. In fact, it’s often one of the root causes of flakes and dull hair. When you need something tougher than your own two hands, scrub it out with Big Shampoo a couple times a week. It’s loaded with coarse scrubby sea salt and cleansing lime oil to really scrub it out.

Tip two: Stay cool

A steamy shower might feel fantastic, but hot water can contribute to itchy and irritated scalps, too and stripaway too much of your skin’s natural oils. Turn down the temperature while washing and rinsing your hair, or reduce the total time spent in the shower. You’ll save energy, water and your scalp!

Tip three: Tone up

If you’re battling a little excess oil, have a squeeze of I Love Juicy Shampoo with toning lemon oil and fresh papaya and pineapple juices. Just like with a regular skincare routine, adding a few ingredients known to tone the skin, can also balance the skin on your head and prep it for the next step: moisture.

Tip four: Hydrate and heal

Excessive heat styling and product buildup can leave your scalp feeling parched. Along with your conditioner, try adding a dose of hydration with Superbalm Scalp Treatment. This thick wax-based concoction contains salicylic acid (made from natural meadowsweet) which helps to loosen and break down stubborn flakes. Plus it includes a hydrating blend of extra virgin coconut oil, rose wax, lavender and chamomile oils to calm irritations and keep your scalp soothed.

Tip five: Calm and soothe

Prone to dryness or dandruff? Wash regularly with Soak and Float Shampoo Bar to ease sore spots and prevent full-fledged skin tantrums. Cade oil cleanses the scalp and alleviates itchy skin while rose and marigold calm and soothe. Not only will your hair look, feel and smell fantastic, but your scalp will be happy and calm, too!

Tip six: Happy scalp, happy hair

Finally, when you want to give your hair and scalp a tingly and refreshing indulgence, there’s Roots Hair Treatment. It’s filled with a fresh mint infusion, peppermint oil and spearmint oil to stimulate the scalp and leave it feeling cool and revitalized. Nourishing honey and extra virgin olive oil moisturize your mane and scalp without weighing down the hair, so you’re left with shiny, weightless locks, plus a calm and soothed scalp.