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How to Choose a Bath Bomb

So many baths. So little time.

In 1989, Lush co-founder Mo Constantine invented the original bath bomb. A simple, gentle blend of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and other beautiful ingredients turned baths into fun, soothing havens.

Our handmade bath bombs still start with that basic mix that Mo made all those years ago, but to create the kind of #bathart you see today, we had to completely re-invent them. Our multi-layered bath bombs still create a lovely fizz in the water but as they quickly (or slowly, in some cases) go to work, they reveal a spectacle of color, popping fizz, flower petals and so much more for a bathing experience like no other!

So, how do you pick just one? Maybe we can help.


No matter which bath bomb you choose, you’ll emerge from the tub feeling relaxed, smelling delightful and with skin so soft, it’ll be irresistible. Knowing that, you might simply want to choose a bath bomb for its ability to entertain: enter our multi-layered bombs known for their claim to #bathart fame.

If you were to crack open a few of our fizzers, you’d find layer upon layer of fizzing colors, sparkles and scent. Intergalactic showcases a beautiful night sky filled with twinkling stars, while the kaleidoscopic Groovy Kind Of Love leaves your bathwater shimmering with every color of the rainbow and a balancing bright blend of fragrance. Or, there’s The Experimenter, one of our most vibrant fizzers that’ll enthrall the senses with its fast-fizzing multi-colored show!

Bathe in a rainbow with one of our grooviest bombs to date.

Groovy Kind Of Love Bath Bomb fizzing in the water, releasing a rainbow of color

Super soothers

When Mo first embarked on her bath bomb invention journey, her goal was to create gentle products that work for people with sensitive skin, including kids. Butterball and Tea And Sympathy are both gentle enough to keep sensitive, dry or rough skin feeling smooth, soft and safe from irritation.

Before bed

Traditionally, baths are a good bedtime ritual for restless kids or stressed out adults before going to sleep. Drop the lavender-packed Deep Sleep or Twilight into your tub and they’ll help you wind down, soothing both mind and body. It’s one of the gentlest and most relaxing ways to simmer down for the evening and get you ready for dreamland in no time.

Best smellers

Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few customer favorites that are sure to please! Maybe it’s the sensual, jasmine-y scent of Sex Bomb that pulls you in. Or perhaps you’ll love returning favorite Blackberry, one of our very first bath bombs, with its sweet cassis fragrance and hints of bergamot and olibanum to help your body settle into a world of sensory bliss.

Ever wonder how to use a bath bomb? Just follow our four-step guide and you'll be on your way to luxurious relaxation.

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