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How to Choose Your Scrub

Rough and tough or a gentle touch?

When your skin is feeling a little dull, there’s nothing like a good scrub to get it looking vibrant and feeling fresh again.

We use naturally exfoliating ingredients like salt, ground almonds and charcoal in our scrubby cleansers instead of plastic microbeads, so you can scrub up without harming the environment. These natural ingredients give our exfoliating products a variety of textures and effects, so how do you choose the best one for you?

There are a few things to consider before choosing: how intense do you like your scrub? Which part of your body will you be scrubbing? How often?

The gentle touch

Sensitive areas, like your face, might do best with the gentle of gentle exfoliators, which is why you want to look for natural ingredients like fine ground almonds or maize flour. The finely ground almonds in Angels on Bare Skin are so fine that they’re gentle enough to give skin a good scrub, while soothing ingredients like lavender and chamomile blue oils keep it feeling calm and soothed. Let the Good Times Roll Face And Body Cleanser features maize flour, which makes it mild enough for everyday use, if you need it. Beyond its delectable scent, it has a super soft consistency that gently scrubs and leaves skin clean and soft.

Orange is another great exfoliator that delivers a gentle, but effective scrub thanks to super fine sea salt. And to keep things happy and bright, we’ve packed this summery delight with orange juice, orange peel wax, and uplifting essential oils to boost your mood and your skin’s appearance.

Ocean Salt is a super scrubby blend of coarse and fine sea salt, natural exfoliants that you can easily and comfortably wash down the drain.

A closeup of a cheek and with Ocean Salt covering their face.

Like it rough?

One of our bestselling products, Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub is a polishing superstar. Its perfect mix of coarse and fine sea salt sloughs away dry skin from your toughest areas like elbows, leaving it looking smooth and soft, and the addition of brightening lime juice gets complexions glowing.

Coconut shells, almonds, rice and aduki beans are all also fabulous, rougher exfoliants for the areas on your body in need of a serious scrub. Scrubee will leave you buzzing with softness thanks to ground coconut shells and a massive dose of cocoa butter and honey to keep things feeling soft and hydrated. Or there’s our long-time fan fave Buffy with ground rice, almonds and aduki beans nestled in a creamy cocoa and shea butter base to slough away your dry bits and moisturize at the same time.

For extra tough areas

If you’re after something to treat those tougher spots like elbows and heels, try Pumice Power Foot Soap. Pumice powder goes to work buffing away dead skin and helping turn the rough skin from heel to toe into a total softy. It works just like soap with brightening sweet orange oil to refresh and revive your soles.

Kiss dry lips goodbye

Lips feeling cracked or dry? We’ve got exfoliating treats for that, too! Pick up any of our lip scrubs; castor sugar is the first ingredient that helps keep those kissers smooth. And the best part? You simply lick the delicious flavor off when you’re done.

Need more help finding a scrub that's right for you? Make your way to your local Lush shop or book a consultation to learn even more about natural exfoliants and our shower products.

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