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How to Choose Your Conditioner

Solid, liquid or rich formula, we've got something for you and your 'do.

Conditioners make your hair soft and shiny, smooth frizz and make detangling easier. But which of our options is right for you?

If you haven’t tried one of our pressed conditioners, you are in for an innovation treat with our new and improved solid formula. Lush Product Inventor and cosmetic scientist Daniel Campbell set himself the challenge to create a solid conditioner that gave the same payoff as our solid shampoos. But instead of that foamy texture, he wanted them to feel creamy so that as soon as a customer uses it, it is instantly obvious it’s a conditioner. Using a similar noodle-like base as our famous shampoo bars, he was able to do just that.

We’ve grouped our hair conditioners into four handy categories to target and achieve different effects, based on how you want your hair to look and feel.

Now let’s make your dream hair a reality.

1. Weightlessly soft

Every head of hair can benefit from conditioner and these ones are best for those who want a lighter rinse or who have fine or thin hair that can feel heavy after using a rich hair conditioner.

Ingredients to look for: Lightweight yet potent ingredients like jojoba oil, agar agar gel and almond milk keep hair in good condition without weighing it down.

Products to try: Our three vegan liquid conditioners are solid choices for those looking for a lighter option, so give them a try to see which one suits you best. Instead of using heavy oils or butters, Veganese softens hair with agar agar gel, made from mineral-rich seaweed, and its double hit of lemon—we use both the fruit’s fragrant oil and its astringent juice—leaves hair super shiny.

On the other hand, Happy Happy Joy Joy has protein-rich almond milk and moisturizing jojoba oil emulsified into fragrant rose water to smooth your hair down, leaving it sleek but never limp. For those who love a perfumed head of hair, definitely give this one a shot: you’ll get wafts of uplifting orange blossom all day long.

And finally, we’ve got Candy Rain, filled with cashew cream that offers deep-conditioning moisture for lackluster locks, while Brazil nut milk softens and macadamia nut milk protects. For a boost in silky sleekness, extra virgin coconut oil gets right to the root, soothing scalps as it goes. You will literally go coconuts for this rich, creamy daily conditioner for dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair.

You’ll go wild for packaging-free pressed conditioners like Jungle.

A person applies Jungle Pressed Conditioner to their hair.

2. Moisturized with texture

If you believe in the mantra “the bigger the hair, the closer to God,” let us help you get the big, bodacious hair of your dreams.

Ingredient to look for: Whether you’re aiming for beachy, wavy locks or just bigger hair, sea salt is a fabulous ingredient for adding texture and volume to hair.

Products to try: This bestselling solid conditioner is full of sea salt to pump up your hair with a little more moisture. Big Pressed Conditioner is made with softening seaweed and hydrating extra virgin coconut oil in addition to volumizing sea salt. Pair it with the ever-popular Big Shampoo for larger-than-life locks.

3. The brightest blonde

Whether you got your blonde hair from a bottle or your mama, its color can easily go dull and brassy. Keep it bright with our fabulous purple conditioner.

Ingredient to look for: The purple pigment found in shampoos and conditioners counteracts yellow tones in the hair to keep your color going strong.

Products to try: Sugar Daddy-O Pressed Conditioner works best when used with our Daddy-O Shampoo: both products are great for combating brassiness. Sugar Daddy-O also boasts luscious extra virgin olive oil, strengthening argan oil and organic jojoba oil to keep hair soft and smooth—plus a dash of fresh lemon juice for shine.

4. Smooth and hydrated

If your hair is a little damaged or feeling dry, these richer conditioners will do the trick.

Ingredients to look for: Rich, moisturizing ingredients like olive or avocado oil replenish needed moisture to hair that’s just been washed. People with hair that needs extra love should also look for conditioners with lanolin, an emollient ingredient that coats hair with a protective layer.

Products to try: Our most popular conditioner, American Cream also comes in a pressed form filled with many of the same rich ingredients. Scalp-clarifying lavender oil and fresh strawberry juice make hair shiny, soft and easy to manage, plus it has the most addicting vanilla milkshake perfume which is an excuse in itself to try this dreamy conditioner.

For something a bit richer, give Jungle a go. Its first ingredient is cocoa butter, and we blend it up with fresh avocado, figs, passion fruit and bananas: the result is a super-nutritious, hydrating bar that’s been a Lush classic for years.

For hair that requires even more TLC, Retread is our richest, most reparative conditioner. Full of protein-rich yogurt and soy milk to strengthen hair, softening avocado and olive oil for a glossy finish, and fresh cantaloupe to enhance shine—this conditioner does it all!

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