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How to Choose Naked Skincare

Our packaging-free picks

When it comes to skincare, we’ve never been big on one-size-fits-all solutions—but now we’re really thinking outside the box. 

You already know how much your skin can change from day to day, week to week and especially from season to season. So, we’ve always encouraged Lushies to listen to their skin’s needs and find products that fit the moment.   

Our range of packaging-free skincare is no different, with plenty of new skin-soothing ways to get clear, hydrated, radiant or calm.

Let’s calm things down

Ingredients like chamomile, lavender and oat milk offer relief when you’re feeling a bit sensitive. Oftentimes, irritated skin doesn’t want extra exfoliation or lather. So a cleansing balm like Sleepy Face is a good way to cool things off while cleansing your skin of dirt, oil and makeup.

When your skin’s feeling a bit bothered, it’s best to keep things sweet and simple. Light Touch Facial Oil is a good all-in-one step that provides skin with much-needed moisture from jojoba and meadowfoam oils, while also gently toning with witch hazel and spirulina.

Get some clarity

If you want skin to feel light and fresh, tea tree, mint and cleansing clays are a good way to get squeaky-clean without feeling stripped bare. Jade Roller Naked Cleansing Balm offers gentle facial massage with mung beans, while its blend of mint and vinegar tones and balances. For a more delicate approach, try the scrub-free Tea Totaller with naturally astringent tea tree and cleansing castor oil.

To keep things light and bright, follow with the mattifying Amazon Primer Naked Facial Oil with hydrating murmuru butter and absorbent arrowroot powder.

Waste-free scrubs and calming naked cold creams.

A selection of some of our  new Naked Skincare products including Jade Roller and Like A Virgin.

Glow your own way

If you’re feeling a little low on glow, restore your radiance with natural scrubbers and rejuvenating seaweed treatments to buff away dullness and brighten dark circles. Gritty Politti is our most exfoliating naked cleansing balm, filled with finely ground coconut shells and softening kokum butter to scrub and soothe in one easy step.

Round things out with Argan Naked Facial Oil—it’s filled with rejuvenating argan oil and a dash of lemon that brightens as it beautifies.

How to hydrate

Finally, if you need a moisture-boost, we recommend a host of oils and butters to keep everything cool, calm and creamy. Enter Like A Virgin Naked Cold Cream—a waste-free version of a classic cream facial wash. Just glide it on and wipe away with a warm wet cloth for smooth and supple skin.

Follow it up with Banana Skin Naked Facial Oil for a buttery-soft combination of banana and mango butter, and you’re ready to put your freshest, dewiest face forward.