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How to Choose Your Perfume

Sniff out the perfect scent

For some, scent defines who they are.

When it becomes part of your everyday routine, a signature fragrance can provide a sense of familiarity and even comfort to loved ones. But how do you choose a scent that matches a personality and natural chemistry while shopping online?

Sniffing out the perfect fragrance comes down to two things: preference and your body’s chemistry. It might sound obvious, but the best way to choose a fragrance online is to stick to what you know. Just like choosing your favorite shower gel, bath bomb or shampoo, one of the best ways to pick a perfume is to go for scents you (or they) love.

Find your next signature scent from our wide selection.

A person spritzes Pansy Perfume onto their shoulder.

Know what you like (and what you don’t)

Did you know that our sense of smell is closely linked to memories? Think back to a scent that’s familiar and you might also conjure up a few memories that go along with it. The scent of flowers on a warm, sunny spring day; the scent of fresh rainfall as you walked to school; or maybe the musky scent of your dad’s cologne that would linger long after he’d left a room. Take a moment to think about some of your favorite (or even some of your least favorite!) scents, and the emotions they evoke. Then, make a list of those scents. It’s a great place to start your fragrance journey!

Shop by scent and feeling

Browse our website and you'll find that every Lush perfume has a detailed profile and search filters to help you out. Look for your all-time favorite Lush product scents, mood, fragrances and blends for something you're sure to love.


These perfumes are romantic and complex. They inspire confidence, sensuality and love with prominent notes of rose, jasmine and lavender.

If you love heady, sensual jasmine, you’re in luck. It’s one of our favorite ingredients at Lush, so smell around and give Cocktail, Lust, Goddess, Death And Decay, Two More Hearts, and Love a try to find your favorite jasmine scent of the lot.

Prefer something softer and sweeter? Rose Jam and Kerbside Violet might be more your speed. Or perhaps something with a gothic edge? Go for the dark, deep violets of V or the rugged sexiness of Salarium’s rose-oudh blend.

If you’re seeking the fresh, green scent of a garden in full bloom, look no further than the aptly-named collection of Pansy, Flower's Barrow and Dad's Garden Honeysuckle And Chamomile.

But if you want the best of both worlds, Confetti hits that perfect love story between sweet florals and grounding oils. Romantic notes of violet leaf and sensual rose pair beautifully with the comforting, grounding effect of sandalwood oil for a sugar-almond scent.


Woodsy notes from ingredients like patchouli and sandalwood give these perfumes a grounding, calm personality. They exude an air of mystery and leave you feeling inspired.

If you like a little sweet with your spice, go for some of our most unusual scents like the creamy patchouli-pepper-vanilla combo of Lord Of Misrule or the intriguing boozy charm of Devil's Nightcap. Lord Of Goathorn is a sharp, strong blend of basil, tarragon and seaweed for those who long for the seaside. But if you prefer something with some old-school vibe, Karma has been a bestselling scent for ages with its groovy blend of orange and patchouli, and Breath of God is its airier, fresher cousin with cleansing scents like cedarwood, lemon and vetivert.

If you really want to get fresh, go for the peppermint-chamomile of The Smell of Weather Turning, the sharp neroli-sandalwood sweetness of Grass or the crisp spearmint and sandalwood of Dirty. And, finally, if you want something cozy, soft and yet still confident, Dear John sends just the right message.


Energizing, refreshing scents like lemon, orange, ginger and bergamot give an instant boost and bring to mind sunny days even when you’re in the depths of winter. Spritz or dab on for an uplifting experience that’ll set the intention for your day.

If you like to bask in the sunshine, then Sun is surely your perfect fit, with Brazilian orange oil, mimosa absolute and a touch of grounding sandalwood. A softer, almost floral citrus comes in the shape of Orange Blossom with gentle notes of orange flower and a touch of sharp neroli. B Scent is a similar flower-and-citrus hybrid with notes of grapefruit, fennel and rose to conjure images of Paris in the summer. And Hairdresser's Husband has a nostalgic air of a classic beauty shop with rose water, orange, grapefruit and tonka. Finally, you can add a touch of sweetness with Junk and its lemon-and-berry scented blend that includes touches of refreshing rosemary and sage.

Give it a little more razzle dazzle with Ginger, a bold ginger-bergamot perfume for those who love to stand out. The Smell Of Freedom pumps you up with a truly stimulating blend of fire tree, oudh and lemongrass. Or you could mellow things out a bit with What would Love do?, and its more relaxed profile of lavender and tangerine.


Nostalgic scents like vanilla, coffee and tonka create perfumes that feel both comfortable and indulgent. These fragrances are reminiscent of warm hospitality and inspire feelings of contentment.

Sometimes you want to smell just like your favorite dessert. For that, we recommend the anything-but-basic Vanillary, the creamy coconut of Furze, the strawberry-and-cream milkshake delight of American Cream, the tart candy apple goodness of Superworld Unknown and the bubblegummy bliss of Tank Battle. A little soft, a little spicy, but definitely sweet: Cardamom Coffee is the perfect choice for anyone who likes their candy with a bit of a kick. Rentless is for those who can’t quite make up their minds—blending herbal patchouli, citrusy grapefruit and heady labdanum…yet its tonka base keeps it all feeling comfortingly soft. Then there’s Fantabulosa, with an intriguing oakmoss opener that eventually mellows into a sweet banana scent. And finally, 1000 Kisses Deep is for true romantics who love herbal scents like myrrh and osmanthus, wrapped up in a syrupy sweetness all its own.

You’ll find that many perfume retailers list the different notes of each of their perfumes. Once you know which of the fragrance families you prefer, it’ll be easy to identify which scents belong within them.

Test time!

Once you’ve decided on a particular fragrance family, get out there and start smelling. Different blends will appeal to different people. If you can get a small tester of a scent you think you love, grab it and wear it when you’re stressed, outdoors, at work or anywhere else you can think of—and if at any time you’re unsure about the scent, move on. You want to be sure that you love your new scent in every situation. There’s nothing worse than the smell of something you’re just not happy with.

Don’t be afraid to shop scents online! Once you think you’d like to test one out, purchase the smallest bottle, wash card or the solid version and test it out. If you don’t love it, most places have a great return policy so you don’t have to stick with it.

We’re here to help! Contact our amazing Customer Care team or book a personalized, virtual consultation. Our expert staff will be more than happy to walk you through our unique fragrances to help you find the perfect match for you or/and your loved ones.