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How to Choose Your Perfume

Sniff out your perfect scent

For some, scent defines who they are.

Sniffing out the perfect fragrance comes down to two things: preference and your body’s chemistry. Typically, one of the best ways to choose a fragrance is to stick to what you know but knowing what scents other folks love? Well, we put together this list of scents and fan faves to help you out!


If floral perfumes are your jam, look for ingredients like rose, jasmine and lavender which are romantic and complex, and inspire confidence, sensuality and love. Lust, for example, is a creamy jasmine scent with a warm note. Lauren B from Springfield, MO describes it best, “It's sweet, floral and intoxicating. It's like if deep, passionate purple were a scent. I want to buy ten more bottles and hoard them in a secret place under the floorboards.”

Rose Jam is another fave that you’ll find in many of our products, so you can layer it up—and it’s nothing like your Grandma’s rose perfume. It perfectly captures the sticky-sweet fragrance of rose-lemon marmalade or as MaryJanice Davidson from St. Paul, MN puts it, "This smells like candied flowers, or a lush, sweet juice made from roses. It's floral and sweet, but not *too* sweet."

Pansy Perfume is a little of everything: earthy, citrusy, and herbal with just a note of musky.

A person holds Pansy Perfume ready to spritz on their naked shoulder.


Sweeter fragrances are often defined as comforting, indulgent and nostalgic thanks to ingredients like vanilla, coffee and tonka. A fragrance like Vanillary is the perfect mix of sweet with a touch of floral to create something that’s decadent, warm and alluring without being too sugary-sweet. Coco from Texas sums it up best, “It isn't like a middle school vanilla scent, which I appreciate. To me, this smells like a really nice warm/buttery vanilla with a hint of jasmine. Not overly sweet like "normal" vanilla scents.”

Or there’s American Cream. On first blush, you'll detect notes of warm vanilla along with an underlying hit of sage and lavender. Olivia from North Carolina thinks of it as, “It smells like what I imagine a vaguely sweet-strawberry baby powder. It is light, but it is a bold scent at the same time. It smells like what light pink looks like. It is the perfect feminine cute fragrance.”

Woody, earthy, smoky

If sweet and flowers aren’t your thing, then look for woody, earthy or smoky scents from ingredients like sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood and black pepper. These types of perfumes will evoke feelings of strength, comfort and safety with strong, unmistakable scents. Breath of God is a complex fragrance that’s all at once smoky, earthy, and citrusy. Lyss from Allentown, PA really nails it, “It lasts 6 hours at least and smells like a mix of lemon and what I would describe as a campfire. I'll even wear it when I'm staying home because it's such a relaxing and grounding scent.”

For years, Lord Of Misrule has been a super duper fan fave for its unmistakable pepper-vanilla aroma that Nero from Minneapolis describes as “…the perfect fall scent, a bit of warm spice from patchouli and black pepper start the scent off, followed by a soothing vanilla undertone that sweetens over time.”

Fresh, citrusy

When you want your perfume to always deliver a burst of energizing, refreshing scents like lemon, orange, ginger and bergamot, these fresh and citrusy perfumes are it. Karma, for instance, is so popular that it’s been around for decades. Spicy, citrusy and distinctly unique, KarmaChameleon from Toronto writes, “The orange and lemongrass in Karma adds something that makes it uplifting yet grounding that is perfect year-round but particularly wonderful for late-summer and autumn.”

Pansy’s sunny, citrusy scent is a full-on, sun-soaked fragrance that is so complex and full, you’ll discover a little something new every time. It’s a hit with Lushies like HappyGal4 from Sunny, BC who writes, “This scent doesn't actually remind me of any one thing, but of many things: orange tea, creamsicles, soap, hint of mint, a very faint floral, and a light skin scent musk. It makes me feel a youthful joy, without it being too sweet or childlike. It opens a bit strong at first spritz, but the dry down on me is amazing, a pale orange and cocoa butter scent that lingers for hours...dreamy.”

Test time!

Once you think you’re ready to try a particular fragrance family, shop all our perfumes online. Our core range are the ones with white labels, so you’ll find them both online and in shops, while our exclusive, black-label perfumes are only available online and in select shops—check with your local Lush for availability. Not quite ready to commit to a big bottle? Wash cards and solid versions are available for every scent we make, so you can try it out first.

We’re also here to help! Head to your local shop and our expert staff will be more than happy to walk you through our unique fragrances to help you find the perfect match for you or/and your loved ones.

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