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How to Choose Self-Preserving Products for Your Skin

If you want to let your skin function as naturally as possible, with minimal interference, our self-preserving products give you a clean slate—synthetic preservative free.

Whether you have temperamental skin that needs balancing, congested skin that needs clearing, or oily skin that needs mattifying, we've got you covered.

Seek balance

Skin that’s a combo of dry and oily and skin that flip-flops between being parched and shiny day-to-day require cleansers that restore equilibrium.

Angels on Bare Skin is made with kaolin clay to remove dirt and oil without drying and gently exfoliates with finely ground almonds. It also has a relaxing scent from its skin-soothing blend of lavender, rose and chamomile oils that tones down redness and balances skin.

Made with an oil-absorbing maize flour and talc base, Let The Good Times Roll contains moisturizing corn oil so it’s both hydrating and mattifying. Corn meal gives skin a fine scrub, and warming cinnamon makes it glow.

Self-preserving skincare

self-preserving skincare

Cleanse and clarify

Troubled skin can be tricky to treat. Our first instinct is often to blast it with potent products, but this can result in an irritated face. There are gentler ways to coax your skin back to health.

Herbalism soothes sore, troubled skin with cleansing nettle and rosemary while combatting excess oil with rice vinegar. Soothing rose, chamomile oils, scrubby ground almonds and rice bran promote clean, clear skin.

Our self-preserving version of Ocean Salt has an astringent vodka-lime tonic that cleanses and refreshes skin. Exfoliating with this salty blend won’t dry skin, though, since it’s balanced with nourishing mango and avocado butters, softening silken tofu and extra virgin coconut oil. Scrub once or twice a week for bright, refreshed, clear skin.

Oil control

Blotting away excess oil during the day? Make sure you’re using a lightweight moisturizer because your skin may be compensating for a lack of hydration, and pair it with one of our mattifying cleansers.

Dark Angels contains deep-cleansing rhassoul mud and super absorbent charcoal to draw out impurities and excess oils. After cleansing with it, skin feels bright, smooth and soft thanks to sandalwood and cold pressed organic avocado oils, which nourish without heaviness.

Aqua Marina, our soft, squidgy pink cleanser, is perfect for oily but sensitive skin. Its skin-calming calamine powder and cleansing kaolin remove excess oil to leave skin beautifully matte, while soothing aloe vera and three types of softening, mineral-rich seaweed relieve irritation.

Mask it

Once or twice a week, treat yourself to a deep-cleansing mask to detoxify skin and remove impurities.

If you’re a sucker for the strong and scrubby type, try Cup O’ Coffee. Full of ground coffee, this mask gets deep into pores with bentone and kaolin. Organic agave syrup hydrates skin without leaving it feeling greasy. That plus its yummy cocoa and vanilla scent will perk you up just like your morning coffee.

Our self-preserving Mask of Magnaminty is the ultimate refresher, with peppermint and spearmint oils that create a cooling sensation on the skin. Its cleansing base of bentone and kaolin clay clears pores, and loads of honey and fair trade vanilla make skin soft and supple. Your face gets a good scrub when you rinse this pale jade mask off, thanks to ground aduki beans.