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How to Unwind

Get the sleep you deserve with lavender

It’s well known that a lack of sleep can have a detrimental effect on the body and brain.

With jobs, family, hobbies and plenty of digital distractions, it’s easy to find yourself missing a few Zs at night. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 35 percent of Americans don’t get the seven hours of sleep recommended to help our bodies and brains function at full capacity.

Having a relaxing nighttime routine helps to get the sleep your body and brain need so badly. A key ingredient in dozens of our products is lavender, which is widely used in aromatherapy to calm and soothe the mind. So, we’ve put together a lavender-rich night routine to get you snoozing in no time.

Bath’s how it’s done

When it comes to a winding down for bed, a bath is the perfect way to begin. And we’ve got plenty of lavender-filled options to help you on your way to snoozeville. Drop a Twilight Bath Bomb into the tub for a soothing soak with a hypnotizing side of #bathart. Its combo of lavender and comforting tonka calms stressed bodies and minds. If it’s bubbles you fancy, reach for A French Kiss Bubble Bar. Its sleep-inducing blend of lavender, rosemary and thyme will leave you feeling calm, collected and magnifique! And here’s a tip for you parents out there: grab Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb for the kids when their energy levels need to dwindle before bed (you’ll thank us later).

Lavender lathers

If you’re not feeling bathtime bliss, evening showers are a lovely way to wind down from your day, and adding some lavender lovin’ to the mix is sure to prep you for sweet slumbers. Sleepy Shower Gel is chock-full of deeply relaxing tonka absolute and lavender oil, and has that sublime, fan-favorite scent you’ve come to know and love.

Sleepy Body Lotion is a great way to relax both mind and body.

A person rubbing Sleepy Body Lotion into a tattooed arm.

Out of tub, out of mind

Once you’ve left the tub or shower, reach for one of our most popular creations, Sleepy Body Lotion. Luxuriate in its rich cocoa butter embrace with the stress-melting scent of lavender and sweet tonka. And if you can’t get enough of that cozy, malty lavender scent, pick up Twilight Body Spray, too. Feel free to spritz it generously all over your body, your clothes, your bedding…you get the idea.

Put on a happy face

If you’re looking to unwind, a relaxing facial treatment goes a long way. Full Of Grace Facial Serum is the perfect precursor to a face mask. This solid moisturizer is packed full of hydrating butters and calming chamomile, and is easily absorbed by the skin. Follow this up with Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask. With its simple blend of kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil, it calms, tones and restores balance to your skin.

Other relaxation tips

While a relaxing nighttime routine is sure to help you unwind, there are other ways to find a calm, de-stressed state of mind, whatever the time of the day. Here are some of our top tips:

1. Interact

For those of us who crave social interaction, spending time in the company of family and friends can help you forget your worries and give you a long-term boost.

2. Take a walk

Exercising is another way to help you unwind mentally. Green spaces and fresh air, ideally close to water, have been shown to significantly improve self-esteem and enable people to relax more effectively in the evening.

3. Practice mindfulness

Get away from the TV, the computer and that phone! Take in your surroundings and tune into how you’re feeling, your breathing and what’s happening in the moment. Meditating on an object, taking in its texture, appearance and smell, can help you remain calm and stress free.

4. Read a book

Reading is a great way to escape and relieve stress. It’s been found that even 30 minutes of reading is better for reducing stress than drinking tea or listening to music. Scientists believe this is due to a combination of escapism and focus. Time to nerd out, bookworms!

That’s our night routine and top tips for relaxing and getting the sleep you need! 

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