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How to Use Body Lotion

Soft skin in three smooth moves

Taking a moment to smooth on a beautiful lotion made with fair trade cocoa butter and luxurious essential oil blends is an act of love for your body. Lush body lotions not only keep skin soft and hydrated but leave a subtle scent on the skin that lasts.

Step by step
Take a small amount of lotion 1.jpg
1 Scoop out about a quarter-sized amount of lotion and warm it up between your hands.
Smooth over body 2.jpg
2 Gently massage lotion all over your body with two hands in circular motions. Apply to arms, chest and down your legs to your feet.
Take extra care 3_Body Lotion-500x500.jpg
3 Take extra care to apply the body lotion to areas prone to dryness like elbows, hands and heels.
Apply body lotion directly after the shower when skin is clean, warm and a bit damp. This is when the skin is most absorbent, and the lotion will hydrate most effectively.

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