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How to Use Lush Facial Cleansers

Cleanse your cares away

Whether you’re after a scrub, a soap, a gel, a lotion or a cream, our facial cleansers will leave your skin glowing and pristine.

Face and Body Cleansers

A unique Lush innovation, these clay-based cleansers are totally soap free, so they’re extra gentle and nourishing while getting skin bright and clean.

How to use face and body cleansers and scrubs

-Take a small amount in your hand, add a little water and mix into a paste. A pea-sized amount is usually enough to cleanse your face, so scale up from there if you’re using all over your body.

-Gently massage into skin to cleanse, then rinse clean.


Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

No scrub, no love. Brightening and toning, this bestselling scrub has a mineral-rich mix of fine and coarse sea salt for highly effective exfoliation. Coconut oil and avocado butter soften the skin. Get scrubbing!

How to use Ocean Salt

-Apply to damp skin and rub gently to exfoliate and refresh skin. R

-Rinse clean and pat dry.


Tereza using Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser

Tereza using Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser

Facial soaps

These bars are packed with skin-loving and complexion-enhancing ingredients to keep that face in tip-top condition.

How to use facial soaps

-Wet your face and the cleansing bar.

-Create a lather in your hands, then apply to your face.

-Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


Grease Lightning Tea Tree And Aloe Gel

For whom the gel tolls! Soften, calm and clear upset skin with this delicate mix of tea tree, aloe vera, sea water and other comforting additions.

How to use Grease Lightning 

-Dab a small amount over troubled skin or on oily areas for a matte finish.


Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

While many of our other cleaners are great for the face and body, this thick, rich emulsion is made specifically for the former. Remove makeup and daily grime with a swift, effortless swipe.

How to use Ultrabland

-Smooth a generous amount all over your face.

-Wipe off using a damp face cloth or cotton pad.


9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion

With your skin having to deal with the demands of daily life, you can always rely on a little lotion to give it the lovin’ it deserves.

How to use 9 To 5

-Take a quarter-sized amount and apply to the entire face with gentle, upward circular motions.

-Remove with a warm, damp face cloth or cotton pad.