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How to use henna hair dye

Naturally beautiful color and shine

Henna is a natural alternative to hair dye and also works as a deep conditioning treatment that leaves your hair looking shiny and feeling soft. Each of our rich, gorgeous colors is expertly blended with natural henna, powdered herbs and fair trade organic cocoa butter—so your hair will be left looking healthy and feeling fabulous. For more in-depth instructions and tips, please check out this article.

Step by step
1 Break your henna block into medium-size chunks, place into a bain-marie or heat-proof bowl over a pot of hot water. Slowly add boiling water until the henna is covered.
Stir well and keep it warm
2 Stir regularly until the mixture resembles cake batter. Ensure the henna stays comfortably hot in your bain-marie or heat-proof bowl while applying.
Apply and let it sit
3 When the henna is cool enough to touch, apply it evenly to clean, dry hair—working from the roots to the tips. Leave on for about two hours. Wash out with shampoo and condition as usual.
Smooth a protective balm like Ultrabland around the hairline to ensure your skin isn’t accidentally tinted.

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