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How to Use Lush Naked Skincare

Curious about going naked? Read on!

When it comes to packaging, less is more, and none is even better.

Our naked cleansing balms, facial oils, cleansing pads and more leave skin glowing, without any unnecessary packaging. But we realize they may look a little different from the bottled or potted products you’re used to using, so we’ve described how to use all these delightful inventions in one handy spot!

Naked cleansing balms and naked cold cream

These unpackaged cleansers are dreamy oil-based inventions that leave skin clean and supple. To use, simply warm it in your hands then glide over skin. Massage it in, then wipe clean with a damp face cloth. Voila: you’ve got a gentle but thorough cleanse that won’t strip your skin of its natural oils.

Cleansing pad

Love the convenience of makeup wipes but don’t love the waste? Meet these reusable, biodegradable cleansing pads! To use, splash your face with water and wet the pad. Glide it over your skin to activate a light cleansing cream.

Work the cream over your skin, removing makeup and dirt along the way, then rinse clean. After cleansing, rinse your reusable wipe with a little warm water and set it aside in a well-drained place to dry. You'll get between three and five uses from your wipe. We recommend using it within one week of your first use. When it's done, simply pop it into your compost bin where it'll harmlessly biodegrade.

Facial soaps

This is an easy one! Use our facial soaps just like you would use a bar of soap. Wet your face and the cleansing bar, create a lather in your hands, then apply to the face. Gently cleanse using the foam, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Mortal Kombu Under Eye Mask in action

A person placing Mortal Kombu Under Eye Mask in under eye area

Naked facial oils and serums

With all the moisture and none of the packaging, naked facial oils and serums keep skin glowing and waste at bay. To use, warm the bar in your hands, then apply the hydrating blend to the skin and gently rub in.

Under eye mask

To get the best out of your naked eye mask, soak it in warm water for a few minutes to allow the seaweed to thicken. Then separate along the perforation into two halves, which fit perfectly below your eyes. Leave on for about 10 minutes, then remove and massage in the seaweed gel left behind.

Toner tabs

Packed with sodium bicarbonate, these terrific tabs cleanse and soothe the skin. They’re made without alcohol so they’ll never sting your skin or make you feel dry. To use, drop your toner tab into a medium-sized bowl of about 4oz of hot, steamy water. Drape a towel over your head and let your face hover over the bowl. The essential oils will rise through the steam to calm, cleanse and soothe your skin. Once the tab has finished fizzing, gently pat your face dry.

Once the water has cooled, transfer it into a spray bottle and store it in your fridge for up to a week. Use it whenever you’d like a refreshing spritz!

Still have questions about how to use any of our products? Pop into your local Lush or reach out to our ever-helpful customer care team at 1-888-733-5487.