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How to Use Naked Products

Ditch the plastic, go naked.

Not sure how to use naked (packaging-free) products?

Making the switch from plastic based products can be daunting. But we’re here to break down how to use some of our top packaging-free products and help you make the switch to realigning with the Earth.

How to use shampoo bars

Each year, we save more than 450,000 litres or 118,800 gallons of water by making solid shampoo bars instead of bottled liquids. So you can already feel good about yourself for making the change. However, what’s in it for you? Well, one shampoo bar is equal to three, 250ml bottles of shampoo. That’s up to 80 washes. Not only are you saving the planet, you’re also saving money.

Now down to the hard part. Just how do you use a shampoo bar? Well, it’s actually surprisingly easy. Wet your hair, grab a shampoo bar like Honey I Washed My Hair, and either rub between your hands to create a lather or rub directly onto your hair, then massage into the hair and scalp and rinse!

Your hair will never look so good

How to use pressed conditioners

Our pressed conditioners work in a very similar way to our solid shampoo bars. And they also have an added benefit to your pocket. Just one pressed conditioner is equal to two, 500ml bottles of conditioner.

How do you use them? After washing your hair with a shampoo bar, simply lather this up in your hands or rub directly onto your hair, then wait for 2-5 minutes, and rinse. Not sure where to start? Why not with fan fave, American Cream.

How to use Lush’s hot oil treatments

Our hot oil treatments are a great way of healing your hair while you ditch plastic and heal the planet. Place your treatment in a heatproof container and boil some water in a kettle. Add several ounces of boiling-hot water to the solid treatment and stir gently using the wooden stick. Take your time, adding water as needed and allow the product to thicken until you’re left with an empty stick. This should take about five minutes. Next, leave it cool, apply to hair and leave for 20 minutes. Shampoo out and admire those luscious locks.

How to use naked packaging-free skincare

Skincare is so important to us all. And while it may seem hard to stop using plastic, we are here to make it much easier for you. From our naked facial oils, that act as a great way of moisturizing and priming skin, to toners like Tea Tree Water that deep clean and cleanse, to naked cleansers like Sleepy Face, we’ve several great packaging-free options to your normal skincare routine.

As for how to use them? Massage the cleanser on to your face and remove with warm water. For moisturizers, simply apply to your face like you would a packaged version. Then store them in one of our signature metal tins.

Facial serums, like Full Of Grace, are a great way to lock in moisture.

A person rubs a packaging-free Full Of Grace Facial Serum into their skin.

How to use naked body lotions

Our packaging-free body lotions work the same way as a normal lotion. Shaped like a pot, you simply rub them across your body and massage into your skin. We use deeply moisturizing ingredients like shea and cocoa butters to deliver deep hydration to even the driest of skin.

How to use massage bars

Our massage bars are the perfect way to get closer with your body and work out those knots that happen from a hard workout or frankly, sitting in a not-so-great office chair. They’re also a pretty great way of showing some love to a partner, or just yourself!

Heat up between your hands or rub directly where you need to work out. Massage in and inhale the fragrance. For more details, follow our step-by-step guide and heat things up!

How to use naked deodorants

Our packaging-free deodorants like T'eo, work in a similar way to a roll-on deodorant, just minus the plastic casing. Packed with sweat-absorbing powders and odor-neutralizing essential oils, when you apply directly onto clean, dry underarms, you’re protected for the day and smelling good.

Ready to break the habit and realign with the planet? Not sure what naked product is best for you? Contact our Customer Care team to find out more.