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Banner - How to Use Lush Reusable Bubble Bars

How to Use Lush Reusable Bubble Bars

Bubble on and on

Enjoy bath after bath of fragrant, frothy foam from a single bar, brush, reusable bottle, stick or perfume bubble bottle.

Reusable Bubble Bars, Brushes and Bottles

Reusable bubble bars are a great way to enjoy all the fun of a bubble bath without the harmful and unnecessary packaging of traditional sudsers. As the name suggests, they can be used multiple times, though the exact number of uses depends on the desired amount of bubbles per bath. Or maybe you’re more of a bubble brush fan. Great, just grip the handle and run the colorful bristles under the tap to work up a frenzy of foam. Make Bob Ross proud by swirling a bubble brush like Candy Bubble Brush around in the water, coloring in the white fluffy clouds of bubble. The same goes for reusable bubble bottles, like Erlenmeyer Flask, simply hold the wax cap in your hand with the bottle hitting the running water and let the bubble bottle do its trick. To make sure your reusable bubble bars or bubble bottles go the distance, store them in a dry and draining soap dish and let them fully dry out before each use.

Ladybug is the perfect buddy for any bath.

A person crumbles Ladybug Bubble Bar into the bath.

Perfume Bubble Bottles

Oh, you thought a bubble bath was just for bathing? No, no—our perfume bubble bottles are a great way to lightly fragrance your body as you relax before you get ready for your day, date, night out or night in. Marilyn Monroe may have only worn Chanel to bed, but we all know wearing Love to bed is a lot more ethical. Run these babies under the water as your tub fills and luxuriate in the perfume.

Bubble Sticks

Slightly smaller than usual bubble bars, but just as fun! Bubble sticks, like Gold Finger, are a great way to swirl some magical bubbles into your already beautiful bath. Just hold your bubble stick under the tap and swish around in the water to create big fluffy bubbles. Then store somewhere dry and drainable to use again later.

Ready to explore the complete world of bathtime treats? We suggest running the water at a nice warm temperature, dimming the lights and hitting play on one of our Spotify playlists. Check out the whole bubbly family online, visit your local Lush shop or chat to our Customer Care team and find your favorite bathing companion.