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How to Use Lush Toner Tabs

A mean steam clean

Our toner tabs will leave you feeling calm, cleansed and refreshed.

Packed with sodium bicarbonate, these terrific tabs cleanse and soothe the skin. They’re made without alcohol so you won’t feel dry, and we load them with flower-infused waters, sea water, spring water and the finest essential oils. Get ready for hydrated skin!

How to use toner tabs

- Drop your toner tab into a medium-sized bowl of about 4oz of hot water.
- Drape a towel over your head and let your face hover over the bowl. The essential oils will rise through the steam to calm, cleanse and soothe your skin.
- Once the tab has finished fizzing, gently pat your face dry.

Melting the nourishing Full Of Grace Facial Serum

Melting the nourishing Full Of Grace Facial Serum

When you’re done

- Apply moisturizer to your freshly toned skin, or try Full Of Grace solid facial serum. Your pores will have opened from the steam, so your skin will be extra receptive to the oils and ingredients. You could even apply a fresh face mask before moisturizing to give your skin an extra boost.
- Don’t toss that toner water! Transfer it into a spray bottle and store in the fridge for up to a week; use it for a refreshing spritz whenever you need a quick tone.