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Ingredients for the Sole

Hard-working ingredients make the bottoms of your feet a top priority

You’re on your feet for hours at a time day after day, but when was the last time you took some time to care for them? Hard-working yet underappreciated, your feet deserve your attention!

Lush’s footcare range keeps your feet soft, smooth and dry thanks to unique ingredients that you won’t find in many other formulae. Let’s take a tour through some of these beautiful materials and the products you can find them in.

Epsom Salt

Named after a spring in Surrey, England, Epsom salt is a key ingredient in Foot Soak and Fancy Free for relieving sore or achy feet. This magnesium-rich salt also neutralizes odors and softens skin to keep feet their freshest.

If your feet are dead after a long day, a refreshing soak is just what you need to revive them. Fill up a basin with warm water, then drop Foot Soak and Fancy Free in and let it dissolve. Soak your feet for however long you’d like, then dry them off and admire how soft they are!


The skin on our feet easily gets tough and thick just from walking around but exfoliating regularly with a foot scrub, especially on your problem areas, will keep calluses and uncomfortable patches of rough skin at bay. We use powdered pumice, a type of volcanic rock, to add a gentle scrubby texture to Pumice Power Foot Soap and Volcano: both will slough off dry skin to reveal soft, smooth feet.

Anasteja applying Volcano Foot Mask

Anasteja applying Volcano Foot Mask

Grab Pumice Power and get scrubbing to unleash a zesty orange-scented lather. Made with our rapeseed and coconut oil soap base, this almond-shaped scrubber exfoliates gently while cleansing and deodorizing feet to leave you with supremely soft soles.

Looking for a luxurious weekly ritual for your feet? Smooth some Volcano all over your feet, wait ten minutes, then rinse for a refreshing cinnamon tingle you won’t soon forget. (We like to put our feet up, but if you want to walk around, wrap your feet in plastic bags to avoid clay footprints everywhere.) Kaolin clay deeply cleanses feet while enzymatic fresh papaya and scrubby pumice eliminate dry skin so your feet stay soft from heels to toes.


Our Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion starts with an arnica infusion base to give relief to overworked feet. This pretty yellow flower imbues our popular pink cream with healing properties so tired tootsies recover more quickly. We also add tingly peppermint and spearmint oils to the mix to give Pink Peppermint its refreshing scent and a cooling sensation on the skin. Runners and other athletes swear by this cream, and now you know why!

Smooth on the invigorating Pink Peppermint any time you want to soften and refresh your feet, and especially after exfoliating, when skin is best able to absorb moisturizing oils and butters.


Foot powders are an indispensable part of our footcare range: nothing else works quite as well to keep your feet (or shoes, socks or sandals) dry and odor-free all day long. You’ll find kaolin in both of our foot powders because this powdered clay absorbs excess moisture so feet stay comfortably dry as the day goes on.

T for Toes, which has powdered horsetail and walnut leaf along with kaolin to keep you dry, has a powerful one-two punch of lime and tea tree oils to banish foot funk.

Sodium Bicarbonate

This wonder ingredient - more commonly known as baking soda - is used in so many of our products, from bath bombs and bubble bars to soaps and bath oils. Why? Because it helps soften, clean and soothe skin. Plus, it has deodorizing properties, so you can be sure that smelly feet don’t stand a chance. You’ll find it in Foot Soak and Fancy Free, and T for Toes!