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Inside Lush HQ

A look into our offices

Working at our head office is more than just a bunch of desks with happy people working away—it’s where we make products, ship products to customers and shops, and come up with new campaigns. For all of Lush North America, our headquarters in Vancouver is where it all begins.

Lush HQ—Vancouver

Since 1996, Lush HQ has made Vancouver its home, and it’s where the first Lush store opened in North America. To this day, our Vancouver headquarters continues to be the main home for all things Lush, but Toronto is also home to our satellite office, where a few of our teams call home.

Vancouver Headquarters

Located just steps from public transit and bike routes, our Vancouver offices are a cinch to get to whether you’re travelling from downtown or even outside of the city. Inside this open-concept building, you’ll find reclaimed wood furnishings, bright open workspaces and rooms where you can share ideas and plan for the future, as well as a bike room, showers, permaculture garden and a gym three minutes up the road, where you can put your corporate gym membership to good use.

Brand Communications staff at work

Brand Communications staff at work

There are several buildings that make up our head office in Vancouver. A quick bike ride or walk easily takes you from building to building, where you’ll find:

- Brand Communications, which is comprised of internal communications, public relations, ecommerce, designers, content creators, training, and photo/video.

- Manufacturing Support, which is comprised of buying, item setup, production planning support, compliance, freight, and procurement.

- Manufacturing, which includes managers, managers-in-training, compounders, production assistants, and inventory control specialists.

- Finance, real estate, profit, and payroll.

- Woodshop, where staff build many of the shelves and furniture you find in our shops and offices.

- Distribution center, where items are packaged and shipped out to shops and customers.

- Store Design, visual merchandising and product allocation

Lush Satellite Office—Toronto, ON

To meet the needs of our customers in the east, we also have an office, distribution center and manufacturing facility in the Etobicoke region of Toronto. Easily accessible by transit, our facilities here include some of our manufacturing, accounting, distribution and buying teams.

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