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Banner - Introducing New Bath Oils

Introducing New Bath Oils

A touch of luxury

Set (or reset) your #currentmood with our new bath oils.

Our small, mighty, and ever so luxurious bath oils are soft, organic shea and fair trade organic cocoa butter balls with water and oil soluble colors that’ll ripple through your bath. Pick your flavor of the day and let it bob under your running tap to unleash enchanting clouds of color, perfume and silky butter. How do you want to feel today?

I want to feel…energized

When you’re feeling sluggish, there’s nothing quite like a little pick-me-up filled with luster and uplifting scents!

Razzle Dazzle is a fuchsia bath oil with a delightfully green smell that’s made up of the fresh, grassy scent of violet leaf absolute, refreshing bergamot and Persian lime for a rejuvenating soak. For something a little punchier try Ginger, a luster-filled oil inspired by the glamorous Ginger Rogers. Releasing a rejuvenating orange scent as it melts, it’ll turn your water beautifully bronze.

In need of some good vibes? Happy Thoughts is the perfect choice. Packed with juicy Brazilian orange oil and sunny neroli, it contains Himalayan rock salt, rich jojoba oil, shea butter and softening extra virgin coconut oil to deeply hydrate the skin. If you need to get things going, try Delight for an enlivening soak. Stirring lime and aromatic black pepper oil will warm and comfort skin—sure to give you that fuzzy feeling.

Need even more of a mood boost? Try Revelations. As this one bobs and fizzes unhurried around your tub, it releases a botanical burst of sweet wild orange and bergamot oil to tone the skin and uplift the senses. Behind its light, citrusy surface lies darker, herbaceous olive leaf absolute and earthy oak moss extract - a fruity aroma with a slight bitterness. Perk up your senses with Magnificent, a bathtime firework display of red and blue citrus swirls. Or, for tropical refreshment, You’ve Been Mangoed offers a burst of mango, lemongrass, lime and lemon oils to really put some pep in your day. Finally, for when you want to find your get-up-and-go, there’s Double Vitality. As it gently fizzes in the water, Sicilian lemon oil brightens and boosts, while crisp peppermint oil revitalizes your mind and body.

Fall in love with Polyamorous

Polyamorous Bath Oil

I want to feel…grounded

Sink deep into a watery world of scents and ingredients that’ll bring you back down to earth, and ready to take on anything life throws your way.

Rolled in delphinium petals, Flower’s Barrow lets loose delicate florals, creating a blooming infusion that brings you back to nature. Restorative rose grounds and Roman chamomile calms, while a hint of blackcurrant absolute offers a little nostalgia. Or, if things are feeling stormy, try Oil On Troubled Water. As this bath oil melts, blue and purple blend into one another like rolling storm clouds. Once the earthy oakwood scent has passed, you’ll be left with an exhilarating rush of English peppermint oil rain, blue skies and a clear mind.

Furze might look a bit prickly, but this tiny wonder is anything but. As its outer shell blooms away, your bathwater is left with a moisturizing blend of butters and coconut oil, and a hazy summery scent.

I want to feel…relaxed

Need a moment to yourself? Close the door, run the bath and drop one of these small-but-mighty oils into the water for full-on relaxation.

Fulfill your deepest desires with sultry Polyamorous. It’s an irresistible fusion of floral violet leaf absolute, intense sandalwood oil and vibrant Brazilian orange oil. Dissolving into a soft pink color, it’ll leave scattered hearts floating on the surface of the water. Or, step into your comfort zone with Floating Island and enjoy delicate vanilla and almond oil soaks.

Need a moment to reboot? Cloak Of Invisibility offers a glistening bath with a cloak of golden luster, and a comforting rosewood oil and jasmine scent that’ll leave you feeling soft and content. Sometimes only a snooze will do. Switch off from the world and cocoon yourself in Dreamtime’s warming chamomile blue and lavender oil waters, while ginger and sandalwood oil relax tension. Or, turn your bath into a candy-sweet cocktail of rhubarb and custard colors with the sugary Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment, an almond and extra virgin coconut oil soother.