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Keeping Blond Hair Bright

Sassy, never brassy

Marilyn Monroe, Owen Wilson, Princess Elsa…all have dazzled their fans with the kind of shiny platinum locks us mere mortals can only dream of. But, deep within the Lush hair labs, in the small seaside town of Poole, our inventors have unlocked the secret to keeping blond hair bright.

What is "blond" hair?

"Blond" is a uniform term for a range of shades, which are formed by the production of a pigment called pheomelanin in the middle layer of a hair strand, known as the cortex. It’s the balance between pheomelanin and eumelanin (a darker pigment), which determines the unique color of our hair. Trichologists (hair scientists) also discovered that fair hair often naturally grows without a medulla, the inner layer of the hair. This does not affect the function or health of blond hair, but means that the strands tend to be finer and straighter than those found in brunettes.

Whether you’re a natural or bottle blond, these fantastic inventions will keep your locks looking lavish.

Shampooing with confidence

It was Mark Constantine, resident trichologist and patron of the fairly haired, who created one of our first and most well-known products for blonds, Daddy-O Shampoo. Violet leaf absolute helps protect blond hair from brassiness, as well as smelling utterly intoxicating. Fresh organic lemon and seaweed infusion brings dazzling shine and lift to fair hair, while coconut oil nourishes each strand to keep it silky smooth. Mark originally made Daddy-O for himself, but has since been persuaded to share this beautifying shampoo with the world. As a bonus, Daddy-O works wonders on gray hair too!

Recent addition to the Lush family, Montalbano Shampoo Bar also delivers on serious shine. Made with fresh green olives to help improve the elasticity of your hair, the zesty blend of Sicilian lemon oil, fresh lemon juice and lemon peel will have a dazzling result for blonds. Lather up in your hands to enjoy up to 80 washes from this little bar!

Natural blonds should go Big with our volumizing sea salt shampoo. Fresh organic lemon infusion and coconut oil give shine and moisture to the hair, and coarse sea salt gives your scalp a wonderful exfoliation too. Rich neroli oil is a wonderful all-round treat for your locks, thought to improve tensile strength, reduce snapping and leave your locks strong and healthy.

In the right condition

Using the right conditioner is the key to leaving your hair dazzling to behold. For hair as light and silky as a mermaid’s, try Veganese, and enter a world of seaweed and lemon oil. The addition of fresh lemon juice is wonderful for giving finer hair a boost, as well as naturally enriching blond tones.

Anybody wanting to own Hollywood star-hair should look no further than American Cream. This conditioner delivers a little more moisture to your locks, using honey water and lavender oil to balance the scalp, and lots of nourishing strawberries to give shine. There’s certainly something about clary sage and vanilla, as this is combination is one of our most addictive fragrances, and beloved by our customers worldwide.

When you reach for Happy Happy Joy Joy, you’ll discover a stunning blend of neroli and orange blossom ready to revive your locks and leave you smelling delicious. Almond milk gently conditions your hair, whilst zesty grapefruit and orange flower give light and life to your color. This seriously uplifting scent will linger for as long as your shine. Prepare to turn heads.

A caring shampoo and conditioner will go a long way to ensuring your hair dazzles every day, but a monthly hair treatment should be an essential part of every blond’s routine. Smothering dry hair in a product like Marilyn for twenty minutes before washing will give an intensive boost to your natural color and soften each strand. Chamomile and lemon are fantastically nourishing ingredients for fair hair, bringing out beautiful shades and leaving it full of gorgeous shine. We also add a luxurious amount of saffron to this treatment because it emphasizes stunning golden tones. With exception of very short hair, you should aim to use a full pot of this treatment every month—it’ll build up shine with each use.