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Keep Your Cool

Beat the heat with these treats

Need a little relief from the heat?

You could hide out in an air-conditioned room all summer long, but what fun is that? The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and summer is begging to be enjoyed. And if all that outdoor goodness leaves you feeling hot under the collar—and everywhere else for that matter—we’ve got a few things that’ll help keep you cool.

Shake, lather and roll

Three words: Twilight. Whoosh. Conga. Three shower jellies that will keep you cool even when temperatures hit record highs. Pop one into the fridge or freezer (yes, seriously) to turn it into an instant refresher. Cut them up first or refrigerate them whole and get ready for the coolest shower on the planet. And they won’t just keep you cool; a carrageenan base gives them that wobbly jiggle, but also makes them excellent at hydrating—perfect for sunburned skin.

Seems weird, right? Actually, alternating hot and cold while washing is a practice that’s been around in countries like Japan and Finland for ages. Shower jellies will give you that instant hot/cold feeling, but in your shower and without having to brave an icy-cold blast of water.

Pop your shower jelly, like Whoosh, into the fridge for an invigorating blast of cold!

A closeup of someone holding Whoosh Shower Jelly on the shoulder.

Spritz it up

Shower jellies aren’t the only Lush goodies you should keep in the fridge. Put your toner waters in there, too. Tea Tree Water, Breath of Fresh Air and Eau Roma Water are the perfect, alcohol-free refreshment that you can take with you everywhere for a quick, cooling spritz on the go—heading to the beach? Pop one in your cooler for a quick spritz-me-up. They’re also packed with soothing ingredients that won’t leave your skin parched and dry. Even sensitive skin will love these cool, refreshing mists.

Get a little face time

Ever used our fresh face masks? In our shops, you’ll find these skin-soothers in a fridge. Made with fresh ingredients, we insist that you keep these masks snugly secure in your fridge at home to keep them fresh and naturally cooling. Spend a little too much time in the sun? Turn to BB Seaweed which has a healthy dose of organic aloe vera, or Rosy Cheeks and Catastrophe Cosmetic for plenty of skin-soothing calamine powder and rose to keep things calm.

Treat those feet

Did you know that mint contains a chemical called menthol? It triggers the cold receptors on your skin, so even though mint isn’t cool to the touch, it does make you feel cool—and that’s a bonus in the mint-packed Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion. Keep it in the fridge and this pretty in pink wonder will keep your feet soft, cool and happy.

Baths in the summer?

Sure, it might seem obvious that a Lush article insists that you take a summer bath (I mean, we do have an entire article devoted to it), but taking a cool bath is actually a great way to bring down your core temperature when you can’t seem to escape the heat. And, if you felt so inclined to choose a bath bomb to join you, we’d tell you that ones like Avobath, Twilight and Big Blue are ideal because they’re packed with ingredients that’ll fizz away perfectly even when the water is cool.

Want more tips and tricks to keep your cool? Visit your local Lush shop or book a personalized consultation to learn what other fun tricks we’ve got that’ll help you beat the summer heat.

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