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Keeping Things Fresh

New haircare innovations to enhance the everyday

Welcome to your new Saturday routine.

The crisp early morning air carries the familiar aroma of freshly brewed coffee. With it comes the promise of a day filled with relaxation, delight and indulgence.

The kettle whistles on the stovetop: your brand new hot oil treatment awaits—it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before, and a curious anticipation surrounds the experience.

As you slowly add hot water and stir meditatively a rich whipped texture begins to take shape.

You scoop up a velvety handful of the mixture and apply it to your hair. It envelops your senses: altogether warm and comforting with an intoxicating perfume and a decadent smoothness.

Kawana after using Kinky Hot Oil Treatment

Kawana after using Kinky Hot Oil Treatment

As the treatment works its magic on your hair, you sip your aromatic coffee and sink, totally relaxed, in to your favorite chair, gazing out the window and allowing your mind to wander freely.

This is bliss. It’s the beginning of a new ritual; a few delicious moments of calm reflection.

A rich blend of extra virgin olive oil and castor oil softens locks, leaving them silky smooth and frizz-free.

The intoxicating bouquet of exotic rosewood, heady ylang ylang and grounding vetivert blossom into a halo of dreamy perfume that surrounds you for the remainder of the day.

Who knew innovative cosmetic inventions could become such a heavenly part of your haircare routine?

As long as we’re around, the future will be filled with new innovations for the hair and body. Expertly formulated and handmade with the freshest, highest quality ingredients, they’re more than simply cosmetics: they’re the way forward, a chance to create moments of delight, and a way to consistently keep things fresh.