The Best Lush Stuff for Kids

Goodies little Lush fans will love!

Bathing is a necessity, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore—especially for little ones!

If it’s always a battle at bathtime, we’ve got a few inventions that’ll have your kids hopping into the tub with a selection of fun and fizzing treats.


When Fun is the name of a product, it’s gotta be a good time! Not only can it be used as a soap, shampoo and bubble bath, but these bars are also perfect for molding and creating a world of imagination. Choose individual colors like Rainbow, Red, Green and Pink, or pick up Aliens And Monsters set to create another dimension of sudsy creatures. And when they’re done, washing up is a breeze thanks to skin-softening corn starch and moisturizing glycerin.


Treat your little Picassos to our bubble brushes. Choose from the Candy, Mint or Lemon Bubble Brushes for monochromatic fun in the tub or pick up all three to create beautiful and bubbly bathterpieces! There’s also I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles—a packaging-free bubble wand that’s fun to use in or out of the bath.

Dip, swish and blow real bubbles whether you’re in or out of the tub.

Close up of someone use I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are perfect for keeping kids entertained in the tub! Fill the bath and let your kids pop a bath bomb into the water—then sit back and enjoy the show. With a simple base of baking soda, any fizzer you choose will get kids’ skin clean, soft and smelling fresh just by splashing around in the water. Try Ickle Baby Bot for a calming before-bed bath: kids will love the robot shape, and parents will love the soothing combination of lavender and chamomile oils that’ll ease ‘em into dreamland.

For an exciting treat, Dragon's Egg will capture the imagination of bathers of all ages. Filled with a plastic-free luster, fizzing candy, rice paper confetti and a fruity lemon oil scent, this bomb transforms before your eyes as it shoots across the bath. Your little dragons will jump at the chance to dive under the shining, golden waters, emerging from the tub fresh and clean.

Shower jellies

Our wobbly shower jellies are perfect for the tub or the shower. Made with a base of softening seaweed gel, Whoosh and Conga gently cleanse, while essential oils and fresh, vitamin-rich juices leave you smelling delightful. Kids (and adults, too!) can use these as one big squeezy soap, or chop ‘em up into single-wash cubes. Let the kids go wild tossing, squeezing and poking jellies in the tub—they’ll be all cleaned up before you know it!

Private parties

Why limit the fun to the bathroom? Our Lil’ Lush Fans party pack takes the fun into our shops, where your little ones will get to make their own bath bomb, try out a fresh face mask and participate in fun and games while our expert team takes care of everything from setup and activity coordination to cleanup. Online available in participating Lush shops. Contact your local shop for more info.

Looking for more fun ideas for the kids? Head to your local shop or call our customer care team at 1-888-733-5874.