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Love Sleepy Body Lotion?

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Sleepy Body Lotion has reached total cult status and with good reason!

Its dreamy, sweet lavender perfume has lulled many a troubled sleeper off to dreamland while softening skin at the same time. If you’ve fallen for Sleepy (and who hasn’t?), you’re in luck—this scent is also available for the shower in bottled and packaging-free versions as well as in other fab products, including a limited edition Sleepy Gift.

Can't get enough? Grab Sleepy's XXL pot for more lavender lovin'.

Sleepy Body Lotion in two sizes

If the idea of a liquid, spritzable version of Sleepy’s aroma sounds like a dream, meet Twilight Body Spray. This cozy scent has a heavenly blend of lavender oil, tonka absolute and ylang ylang oil to deliver sleepy vibes wherever you go. Spritz right onto skin to smell it all day long, or onto your bedsheets for seriously sweet dreams.

Winding down in the tub after a long day is the perfect way to get ready for a restful night. Add a Twilight Bath Bomb and you’re on the fast track to sleepy town. Lie back as this lazily-fizzing bomb slowly reveals the colors of the night sky before your eyes, along with the intoxicating scents of lavender, tonka and benzoin.

Bring the soothing scent of Sleepy to the shower with Twilight Shower Gel. This exclusive sudser leaves your skin clean and smelling like a dream, and you can only find it in our Relax and Twilight gifts!

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