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Changing lives by changing laws

A future without animal testing is possible, and two Charity Pot partners are at the forefront of making this cruelty-free dream a reality. Below, we take a more in-depth look at the Animal Alliance of Canada and Social Compassion in Legislation, groups that work to change laws to end animal cruelty.

The Animal Alliance of Canada

Animal Alliance of Canada (AAC) has been working since 1990 on campaigns like No Pets In Research, Wild Compassion, Be Cruelty-Free and many other local and national initiatives in Canada to end animal cruelty.

The No Pets In Research campaign sheds light on the shocking realities of animal testing in research laboratories, and works to end the confiscation of animals from shelters which are used as test subjects for cruel and unnecessary laboratory testing.

The Wild Compassion campaign reminds people of the vital role that wild animals play in our ecosystem, warning both against the practices of hunting and trapping for gaming purposes, as well as poisoning or culling for so-called animal population control.

AAC is also a key leader in Canada’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign and is working with the Humane Society International – Canada and other partners (including Lush) to end animal testing for cosmetics across Canada. The Be Cruelty-Free campaign supports bill S-214, the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act which will appear before the House of Commons this fall 2018. By mobilizing people across Canada, Animal Alliance of Canada has been part of this successful campaign to inform the public that unnecessary animal testing for cosmetics is still occurring and proves that by working together we can end it.

Social Compassion in Legislation

Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL) is an animal protection organization that works in California to change legislation to favor animals. This includes plant-based meal options in hospitals and prisons, as well as initiatives to help wild and endangered animal species.

Most recently, SCIL worked in collaboration with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Senator Galgiani to pass an historic piece of legislation banning animal testing for cosmetics in California. Now law, the California Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act - will officially go into effect on January 1, 2020, after which it will be illegal for cosmetic companies to knowingly sell any cosmetic or personal-hygiene product in California if any component has been tested on animals.

Though a huge win, the Bill still provides some exemptions and loopholes which SCIL vows to continue fighting to ensure that this move truly protects animals. Nevertheless, as the world’s fifth-largest economy, California’s decision sets the standard for the rest of the US to sit up and take notice and join the nearly 40 other countries in the world with band or partial bans on animal testing for cosmetics.

How to help

If these causes speak to you, and you want to help, we have a few great options:

First, help us end animal testing for cosmetics by contacting your legislator and encouraging them to support cruelty-free legislation. 

You can also commit to purchasing cosmetics products which aren’t tested on animals by checking out Logical Harmony’s cruelty-free and vegan brand list before you buy.