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Bestsellers in Bath

Hop in the tub with these bathing beauties

Got a favorite Lush bath bombs, bubble bars or bath oils? You’re not alone!

We have such a wide selection of bath and bubble creations that it can often be a little overwhelming, if it’s your first time. Some Lushies like to stick to tried-and-true favorites, while others are happy to try a little of everything. But to make it easy to get started, we give you a few of our top five bathing beauties that many of our customers can’t seem to live without.


Simply put, this bath bomb rocks. Crusted with gorgeous purple mineral-rich sea salt, it fizzes and crackles in the tub, releasing a harmonious lavender-bergamot perfume to clear minds. Cascades of shimmery plastic-free luster stream out among eye-catching pink and gold as Geode fizzes and foams into luminous bronze waters. This one is a seriously precious find!

Sex Bomb

Pink, purple and sultry, Sex Bomb is a packed with a fragrant blend of nature’s most seductive ingredients like jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage. This fan-favorite is perfect for romantic nights in (solo or otherwise) and features skin-softening soy milk, so you emerge from the tub feeling soft, soothed and oh-so-scintillated.

Deep sea bathing with Melusine

Melusine Bath Bomb in action


Imprinted with moons and stars, and simply called Twilight, this one was made for relaxing. But the soothing, nighttime theme doesn’t end there: drop this pink fizzer into the water and watch as it releases a soothing lavender and tonka scent, along with silver luster and streams of pink and blue that turn your water into a starry night sky.


A mesmerizing mermaid bath, this sea-inspired fizzer is made with a scent similar to our Avocado Co-wash! Dive into shimmering turquoise waters and feel the soothing touch of carrageenan extract envelop your skin in a hydrating hug. You’ll definitely want to be a part of this bathing world.

The Big Sleep

When it’s time to wind down, a bath is one of the most soothing ways to get ready for bed. Drop The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb into the water before you hop in and take relaxation to a whole new level. Breathe deep and let the lavender, neroli and chamomile scent fill your senses with soothing bliss, while the skin-softening seaweed jelly spreads all over your body like a cozy duvet.