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Solid gold solutions for your crown

Take tresses to the next level with our most popular haircare products.

Get the bigger, bouncier, shinier or curlier hair of your dreams. Our handmade haircare is crafted with fresh ingredients that make follicles happy and healthy, and these are the best of the best, as determined by you!

Revive Hair Moisturizer

Whether you’re using it as a leave-in hair conditioner or a finishing pomade, Revive is designed to smooth flyaways and define curls. Plus, a host of butters, oils and natural waxes soothe scalps and add extra moisture to all kinds of hair types.

Big Shampoo

Over half of this much-loved shampoo is composed of fine and coarse grains of sea salt, adding volume to strands and giving scalps a firm scrub. But don’t fear dryness from Bigcoconut oil moisturizes while toothed wrack seaweed strengthens, and a finishing note of lime juice banishes excess grease to reveal healthy, shining hair.

Big Shampoo gives big volume, big shine and is a big hit!

Big Shampoo

Jason And The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

Great for the environment, perfect for plane travel and convenient for camping trips, shampoo bars are a well-loved product. Simply, they make hair look great. Jason And The Argan Oil features a blend of moisturizing Moroccan argan oil and our popular rose jam scent that lingers long after the shower.

Seanik Shampoo Bar

Our second shampoo bar to make the list, Seanik is perfect for those looking for big, beachy hair. Irish moss gel and Nori seaweed soothe and soften, while sea salt and lemon oil add volume and shine. Every compact puck lasts up to 80 washes and saves up to two shampoo bottles from the local landfill.

American Cream Conditioner

American Cream is often known as a perfume first and a conditioner second. Its fresh vanilla, strawberry and orange fragrance lasts all day, but American Cream’s moisturizing properties shouldn’t be overlooked. A blend of honey and lanolin offer serious hydration (and lock it in) to keep hair soft and glossy, while lavender oil balances the scalp.

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