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Our 10 Bestselling Products

All our fan faves in one luscious list

Lush shoppers can confirm: these bestsellers live up to the hype.

It’s nearly impossible to please everyone, but when you’re consistently topping the Lush charts and leaving a trail of admirers in your wake? Yea, it’s safe to say that choosing one of these top 10 bestsellers is always going to be a safe bet.

1. Intergalactic Bath Bomb

This Intergalactic has it all: a cool, peppermint-y and cedarwood scent, a dazzling light show filled with delicate plastic-free shimmers and gorgeous colors, and skin-softening goodness that’s just outta this world. No wonder it’s a fan fave.

”I’m not exaggerating, this is the most AMAZING bath bomb.” —Mikayla, Florida.

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2. Scrubee Body Butter

Originally, Scrubee arrived as a limited-edition product, but was such a hit that we had to make it a year-round product. Its rich base is made up of cocoa and shea butters with scrubby ground almonds and coconut shell that work to exfoliate and moisturize in one sweet-smelling swoop.

”I do solemnly swear to purchase this little bee scrubber for the rest of my life” —Natalie, Asheville.

A closeup of someone using Scrubee on their arm.

3. Mask Of Magnaminty Power Mask

Smooth this gentle green giant over your skin and you’ll instantly feel its refreshing pepperminty tingle. Deep-cleansing kaolin clay, gently scrubby aduki beans and soothing honey leave you glowing. There’s also a self-preserving version with none of the preservatives. We’ve packed it with more honey than the original formula, so it’s richer, thicker and more moisturizing.

”I’m obsessed with this mask.” —BigTen, Los Angeles

A closeup of the back of someone’s shoulder as their hand smooths Mask Of Magnaminty across it.

4. Sleepy Body Lotion

The name is no accident: Sleepy's cozy lavender-tonka perfume sends you off to dreamland with the softest skin imaginable. Love this scent? Check out the entire range for even more Sleepy goodness.

”I can not go to bed without this luxurious purple heavenly cream.” —Candy, Ontario

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5. Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub

With ingredients like fresh grapefruit infusion, vodka and lime, Ocean Salt sounds more like a cocktail than a scrub. But these delicious-sounding ingredients work hard to deep-cleanse and brighten the skin. The sea salt softens as its scrubs dry skin away, and fresh avocado oil and coconut butter keep complexions moisturized. It’s so popular, we made a self-preserving, vegan version, so everyone can fall in love with it.

”Loving this exfoliator which has become a luxury treat in my skincare routine!!!” —Samar30j

Closeup of the lower half of a face. Their hand smooths on Ocean Salt to their right cheek.

6. The Comforter Bubble Bar

One sniff of this packaging-free bubbler and you’ll be in love. The Comforter is a slice of blackcurrant-scented goodness that’ll turn your bath into the ultimate bubbly sanctuary. And—bonus—it lasts for a few baths.

”This was my first time using a bubble bar and let me tell you - I take more baths now.” —Shower Chic, Aylesford

A hand holds a crumpled The Comforter under running water above pink bubbly waters.

7. Tea Tree Water Toner

It’s amazing how much six simple ingredients can do. Tea Tree Water is a bestseller for its ability to leave skin looking fresh and feeling balanced. One spritz of this alcohol-free formula cleanses, tones and removes excess oil and dirt, all without drying skin.

”I usually never leave reviews, but I just had to for this! This is the best toner ever.”—Monique, Military - Pacific

A closeup of a hand holding Tea Tree Water Toner, spritzing a mist of it into the air.

8. Angels On Bare Skin Face And Body Cleanser

This cleanser is so beloved that even the most sensitive skin welcomes its heavenly touch. Gentle kaolin clay cleanses deep to pull dirt and oil away from the skin, while finely ground almond and lavender flowers gently exfoliate. If you’re extra sensitive, don’t worry, lavender oil and rose absolute keep skin soothed, balanced and oh-so-happy.

”Love the way it cleans away makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry.”—Tylami, St. Louis

Closeup of someone’s face as they smooth on Angels On Bare Skin with their right hand.

9. New Shampoo Bar

There’s nothing new about this stimulating cinnamon and clove shampoo bar. We call it New because it’s made for those who want their hair to do something a little different. New helps motivate tired scalps with a blend of spicy and minty oils, while rosemary and nettle absolutes help rejuvenate hair and keep it shiny and soft.

”I've bought this so many times already and cannot recommend it enough!” —Amy, Toronto

Closeup of the side of someone’s head and hair and they work New Shampoo Bar into a lather.

10. Charity Pot Body Lotion

Since 2007, Charity Pot has helped Lushies spread a whole lotta good. Every time you buy the pot or naked version of this delicately floral soother, we donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small grassroots organizations working in the areas of human rights, animal protection and environmental justice—read all about it, our partners, and ethical campaigns.

”Not only does my purchase help a good cause but the formula *chefs kiss*.”—Midworld.saint, Portland ME

A closeup of the back of someone’s shoulder as they rub Charity Pot into their skin, while holding the large pot toward the camera.

Wanna see even more fan faves? Check out these bestsellers for even more must-haves (and be sure to read the reviews to learn why Lushies love them). If you’re shopping for someone else, a gift card is always a hit with our Lushies!

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