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The 5-Minute Footcare Routine

Keep your heels, soles and toes tapping to a happy tune

The average person takes around 7500 steps per day.

Think about what that adds up to over a week, a month, a year – your entire life. It’s no wonder our feet ache, they’re practically yelling at us! With that in mind, it’s important that we take the time – even if it’s just five minutes – to give our feet a little hug to say thanks (and sorry) for all their hard work.

Here’s our 5-minute footcare routine to keep your feet happy and healthy.

1. Scrub

We all need to shower, so start your footcare routine while washing away with your favorite lush soap or shower gel. For excellent exfoliation, reach for Pumice Power. Packed with (surprise) exfoliating pumice powder, it’ll scrub away dead skin, while refreshing sweet orange rejuvenates the soul – and your soles.

2. Moisturize

Once you’re out of the shower, towel your feet dry and grab one of our skin-softening foot lotions. Softy is rich in moisturizing cupuaçu and cocoa butters, and super softening marshmallow root and almond oil. A gorgeous blend of lavender, sandalwood and bergamot oils will leave feet smelling divine too. Need a little extra pep in your step? Pink Peppermint’s a moisturizing marvel chockful of revitalizing spearmint and peppermint, while organic fair trade cocoa butter keeps feet silky soft.

Angela using T for Toes

Angela using T for Toes

3. Powder

Once heels, soles and toes are feeling soft and soothed, top off your routine with some foot powder. T for Toes Foot Powder will keep stinky feet at bay with zesty lime oil and powerful tea tree, while kaolin and sodium bicarbonate keep feet fresh by absorbing excess moisture. So fresh and so clean!

Got a little more time?

If you’ve got more than five minutes to spare and want to give your feet the ultimate spa treatment, we’ve got a routine that’s so amazing your feet will feel brand new. Products like Volcano Foot Mask and Foot Soak and Fancy Free will leave feet in tip-toe condition!