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Banner - Introducing Lush Moods

Introducing Lush Moods

More than a feeling

Sleepy? Not sleepy? Somewhere in-between? Our newest collection may be just what you need.

We’re strong believers in the idea that aromatherapy is deeply personal. While for some, lavender may be the most calming fragrance in the world, for others it might be vanilla, ylang ylang or cedarwood. The effect that different scents have on mood and state of mind can’t be one size fits all, which is why we use a blend of fragrances and oils to achieve a more complex result. Play around with our newest releases and find your own ideal source of pure bathing bliss.

If you’re in need a boost

Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Wake up to the invigorating citrus scent of Not Sleepy Shower Bomb for an instant blast of ambition. Follow with the skin-softening, packaging-free Little Pot Of Energy Body Lotion—a glorious grapefruit concoction that keeps spirits (and skin) bright and happy. Then rinse it all away with our bold new mouthwash, Brave, filled with brazen notes of Brazilian orange oil and clove bud to naturally sweeten breath so you’re confident all day long.

Get the jump on your morning with a citrusy jolt of Not Sleepy.

Someone rubbing the foam from Not Sleepy onto their arm in the shower.

Ways to wind down

Need to slow down instead? Work on your night moves with our soothing new favorites, including the happy little cloud Sleepy Shower Bomb packed with the bestselling Sleepy scent. Or, hit the tub with Under The Umbrella Tree, a restorative fizzer whose woodsy notes of cedarwood and vetivert are tempered by cheery grapefruit and black pepper oil. And if you need to relax in a flash, throw in a Little Bottle Of Calm—a super concentrated dose of everything that makes you feel serene, including chamomile and lavender oils.

Bring it all into balance

Sometimes you’re caught in-between feeling rushed and exhausted. Spinning Plates, a reusable bubble spinner, is here to give you a recharging jolt of orange flower absolute and lemongrass oil while you take a little time out for yourself. For the shower hour, our Koyaanisqatsi Shower Bomb with its delicate and inspiring blend of ylang ylang, lavender and vanilla stops the world spinning and brings you into a sense of harmony. And if you’re at a crossroads and unsure where to turn, look no further than Karma Shower Bomb with an extra dose of brightening turmeric and the familiar scent of patchouli and orange.