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The Lush Skincare Philosophy

Personalized, fresh and always cruelty-free

When it comes to skincare, we make it personal, fresh and cruelty-free.

You know the skin types like “dry” and “oily” that magazines and beauty brands tell us we should fall in to? We’re here to say: don’t believe it. While skin can certainly be one or more of those things, we know reality is far more complicated than that.

Personalized skincare, real results

Every person is unique and that applies to their skin, too. So, you won’t find a pre-made routine for a particular skin type on our shelves—life (and skincare) isn’t that straightforward!

We’re proud to provide the tools and information to allow you to build a routine that’s perfect for you. But we also realize that navigating the world of skincare can be a little overwhelming, so we’re always delighted to offer individually tailored expert advice to find your ideal solution.

Our self-preserving Ocean Salt Scrub might be just what your skin needs!

Obi sweeping Ocean Salt across their face

Rather than focus on what their skin is doing wrong or what they’d like to correct, we encourage our customers to think about how they want their skin to feel. In a perfect world, does your skin feel dewy? Freshly scrubbed? Squeaky clean? From there, we can get to work finding the right product to fit your #skingoals and lifestyle.

The benefits of this kind if skincare personalization are twofold: you get the right products for your skin, and we reduce waste (and wasted money) by ensuring you’re not buying products that ultimately won’t work for you.

Fresh is best

As with every product we make, we believe that fresh is best. While fruit grows on a tree, it receives a constant flow of energy. As soon as it’s picked, it starts to decompose. So, the sooner we use it, the higher its nutritional value and the greater its benefit to your skin. With that in mind, we regularly stock our fridge with the finest, freshest ingredients ready to be mixed together and turned into your favorite products.

A great example is our fresh face masks which are made and sent out to stores every week. By the time you smooth it onto your face, it’s still fresh and active, packed with nutrients and enzymes that leave you absolutely glowing.

Beyond fresh face masks, we use fresh and fabulous ingredients in every one of our skincare creations. Take the freshly sliced Portobello mushroom in Full of Grace Facial Serum, nori seaweed in Aqua Marina Face And Body Cleanser and fresh wheatgrass juice in Skin's Shangri-La Moisturizer for example. Fresh is definitely best!

Always cruelty free

Every one of our products is always 100 percent vegetarian, and about 80 percent are vegan too. The ingredients we use are never tested on animals, and our finished products are tested on very willing human volunteers.

Not only is every Lush product cruelty free, but every purchase helps in the fight against animal testing too. We’re proud to offer the Lush Prize, a biannual award fund that promotes the development of alternatives to animal tests in the cosmetics industry.