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The Lush Spring Prize 2018 shortlist has been revealed

Regeneration projects from across the world have been shortlisted for the Lush Spring Prize 2018.

More than 300 nominations have been whittled down to just 53 by shortlisters from Ethical Consumer and Lush.

The winners – who will share a $280,000 prize pot – will be chosen by a panel of 12 independent experts in regenerative fields, including permaculture, eco-village networks and food sovereignty. The Lush Spring Prize, a joint venture with Ethical Consumer, celebrates innovative social and environmental regeneration projects from all around the globe, rewarding those who are tackling man-made problems with organic, human-scale solutions.

Ethical Consumer’s Anna Clayton says: “The Spring Prize rewards projects that are challenging social perceptions and working against all odds to actually heal the landscapes they are part of. We can’t have degenerative systems that take more than they can give back.”

The $280,000 prize fund benefits international environmental and social regeneration projects that go above and beyond sustainability, across four prize categories: Intentional Projects, Young Projects, Established Projects and the Influence Award. This year’s shortlisted projects include Project Planet Clean Up, Ecosystem Restoration Camps and African Biodiversity Network, which were all picked due to their holistic and regenerative approaches to overcoming ongoing environmental and/or social challenges.

Ecosystem Restoration Camps, based in Spain, restores areas of degraded land through training people in ecosystem restoration, and has been shortlisted for the Young Projects prize category. Project Planet Clean Up creates ‘Plastic Wood’ out of plastic waste, which can be used as a lightweight, water-resistant building material, reducing the need for deforestation. Plus, it helps clean up the environment! The project has been shortlisted for the Intentional Award. The African Biodiversity Network has been shortlisted for the Influence Award for its efforts to empower local and indigenous communities, revive African bio-cultural diversity and strengthen rights, policy and legislation.

The Lush Spring Prize was launched as a pilot prize fund in 2017. It challenges the idea that degenerative systems can carry on depleting resources and exploiting people. Due to its roaring success, it has returned as an annual prize fund with hopes to raise the profile of the regenerative movements and further inspire individuals, groups and communities to heal damaged environments.

The winners will be announced on May 15, 2018.

To keep up to date with this year’s nominations, find out more about the judging panel and to get all the latest information, check out the Lush Spring Prize website.