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Express yourself and take care of your skin

Whatever your mood, your makeup should help you express it, not stress you out.

We feel pretty confident that flawless, even skin tones will never go out of style, but when it comes to makeup, your skin can sometimes feel congested. A great makeup look always starts with healthy skin, but does your makeup also equate to good skincare? Well, it could…

Soft and Smooth

If you’re shopping for Lush eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipsticks, have a look at the label. You’ll find ingredients like organic jojoba oil, candelilla and rose wax—all ingredients that help to keep your lips and skin hydrated, so you can express your true colors without drying things out. Each base of our formulas is also made to carry the rich pigments so they’re as bright and bold on your skin as they are in the package.


Our liquid eyeliners use two different bases: Independent and Fantasy are made to set very quickly after you’ve applied them to your skin, making them smudge-resistant. The rest of the range is made with softening and gentle ingredients such as almond oil and cupuaçu butter that make them easy to blend as you like.

The skin around your eyes is one of the most sensitive areas. We make our Eyes Right with ingredients that are suitable for those with even the most sensitive eyes. A fresh wheatgrass infusion conditions, nourishes and strengthens lashes without irritation, so you can wear it without worry. We blend it with Japan and carnauba waxes to help give its rich black color enough staying power to last the whole day—even if you hit the gym.

Relax and Soothe

Our Feeling Younger and Charisma skin tints were made to brighten or warm up all skin tones to give you a glowing, natural look. Made with oatmeal decoction, cocoa butter, jojoba and almond oils, they each have a nourishing base that’s good for your skin. Wear them solo or underneath your regular cruelty-free makeup.

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