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Miraculous Body Butters

Self-preserving, buttery bliss

Handmade with cocoa and shea butters, fresh fruit, and essential oils, our body butters are nourishing, moisturizing treats for the skin.

Fresh, self-preserving ingredients

Our solid body butters are made without synthetic preservatives, using expertly balanced ingredients to keep them safe and fresh.

Buffy, our classic exfoliating and moisturizing body butter, is packed full of ground rice, almonds and beans in a creamy cocoa and shea butter base. It’s a two timing wonder that sloughs away dry skin and moisturizes at the same time.

King of Skin uses freshly mashed bananas and avocados to rehydrate and soften the skin, and oatmeal to soothe sensitivities, making this bar perfect for freshly shaved legs.  


When we can, we create solid products that don’t require packaging. Being solid doesn’t just mean these butters are self-preserving, they’re also spill-proof and perfect for travelling. If you’re shopping in store, bring in a reusable container to take your body butter home, or pick up an aluminum travel tin.

Easy, in-shower use

Say goodbye to messy post-shower lotions—our body butters were designed for use in the shower. Once you're finished your regular shower routine, massage the body butter into your skin. Rinse off lightly, pat skin dry, and you’re soft and set.