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Banner - Do Ingredients Affect Our Moods?

Do Ingredients Affect Our Moods?

We uncover how ingredients make us feel

When our inventors are thinking up new and exciting products, they put a lot of time into what ingredients work best together. They not only consider how your hair and skin will feel, but also how your mind feels too. In fact, it’s why you’ll see some of our delights labeled as “uplifting” or “relaxing”.

Everything’s coming up citrus

“Uplifting” is a term we use a lot – and with good reason! Many of the ingredients we choose to create an uplifting mood are the same ones that we choose for products designed to energize or refresh.


Grapefruits and oranges and lemons, oh yea! It’s said that the scent of fresh citrus fruits can lift your mood. The scintillating scent of citrus makes us think of warm, tropical places, so it’s no wonder that they’re known to help reduce stress, brighten moods and take you to your happy place!

Neroli essential oil is another citrusy scent you’ll find in a variety of our products. Derived from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, this plant oil lends its sweet and aromatic scent to some of our most luxurious products like Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer and Love And Light Hand Cream.

Get down

When you’re feeling a little anxious and want to chill out, sometimes you just need to add the right products to your bath or shower to help you feel relaxed and soothed. A few simple ingredients can make all the difference when you need to bring life down a notch.


In many of our creations, we rely heavily on delicate floral scents to ease both your body and your mind. The simple act of smelling some ingredients can have a huge impact on how you feel. For example, chamomile encourages relaxation, and rose and vanilla are said to keep you calm in times of stress.

And when it's time to calm down for the evening, lavender is said to help promote sleep. Our Serendipity Soap, Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb and A French Kiss Bubble Bar are all packed with heaps of lavender (and other delightful ingredients) to help you bring on sweet dreams a little more easily.